Karen Turner PHD | Online Optical Illusions: The Eyes as Mirrors to the Soul
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Online Optical Illusions: The Eyes as Mirrors to the Soul

Online Optical Illusions: The Eyes as Mirrors to the Soul

Octavio Ocampo Optical Illusion-Do you see an old or young couple? Can you find the giant vase, the young girl, and tequilla bottle?

Octavio Ocampo Optical Illusion-Do you see an old or young couple?

Psychological articles are fond of telling us that “the eyes are the mirrors of the soul”, but while widely believed to be true, how many of us really understand the rationale behind this popular saying? Well we at Boomer Yearbook, the psychological website for baby boomers, want to bring our members an introductory psychological article on the Online Optical Illusions of the artist, Octavio Ocampo as an explanation of the science behind the adage.

According to definitions in psychological articles, Experimental Psychology is the segment of psychology that uses experimentation to study the mind, and more specifically stated in the Encarta MSN dictionary, “Experimental psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the basic mechanisms of the mind, e.g. perception, thinking, learning, and memory, often using experiments with individuals in controlled situations.”

And how does this psychological article relate to Octavio Ocampo’s Online Optical Illusion being the mirror of the soul? Simply this. Our senses give us different ways in which to understand and interpret the world. Since our sense of touch has the quality of tangibility, it helps us view our world through what we consider constant. Touching something is imbued with the consistent qualities of strength, solidarity, and form (structure), thus giving the sense of touch a strong basis for “realistically” understanding our surroundings. If you and someone on the opposite side of the world both touch a rock and report that it is hard, neither of you is giving away any clues to your inner thoughts or soul.

Alternately our eyes or sight, our perceptual sense, is lacking in formalized structure and uses “intangible” color and light to connect us to our world. And here is where our inner imaginings, our souls if you will, come into play, as color and light, being immaterial in nature, are open to the interpretation of our individual intellects and imaginations. Thus our perception is subjectively shaped by our unique personalities, culture, and emotions, and what we report “seeing” is frequently a “mirror to our inner soul” or personal interpretive view of the world.

So how do you see the Online Optical Illusion purposely drawn by Ocampo? Do you see an old couple a young couple or both? A Boomer Yearbook hint. The more Online Optical Illusions you look at the easier it gets to shift perception and see other’s points of view, and not singly reveal the “mirror to your soul”.

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