Karen Turner PHD | 8 Amazing Gadgets for The Baby Boomers Generation
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8 Amazing Gadgets for The Baby Boomers Generation

8 Amazing Gadgets for The Baby Boomers Generation

Keys U See Keyboard  (Yellow Keys with Black Print  $28.95 Amazon.com)

Keys U See Keyboard (Amazon.com $29.99)

Solutions to Elderly Problems
By Boomeryearbook.com

Who says just because we are aging baby boomers with elderly problems that we are no longer cool. Here are some awesome gadgets for the baby boomers generation that would make the echo boomers envious. After all, one exemption to most baby boomers elderly problems is we do NOT lack purchasing power. Many of us can afford to buy ourselves tech toys and gadgets galore.

1. MP3 Players: Now I know the rage these days is the iPod but I don’t think that’s the ideal mp3 to get a boomer; especially not baby boomer women. The rotating dial can be a hassle to use. Instead, go for the ZEN vision W by Creative. It has a big screen (4.3″ to be precise), can store up to 15,0000 songs, more photos than you have probably ever taken in your whole life, and videos. You can view your photos or videos on the TV and add music to them to create a multimedia slideshow. It even has a built in radio. It also comes with a rechargeable battery. Phew … I don’t think I need to go on more!

2. Keys U See: Let’s face it! The baby boomer generation is aging and has some elderly problems such as needing reading glasses. The market knows it and is coming up with products specifically aimed at us. As is this keyboard. The Keys U See keyboard comes in a standard size but what makes it eliminate one of our elderly problems and so special for us is the numbers and letters in extra large sizes. No more searching for our glasses; and this keyboard comes in 3 different color combos. It is a great gift for someone with anyone with visual elderly problems from needing reading glasses to cataracts, glaucoma, or even macular degeneration. You can also access multimedia and various Internet functions with greater ease through the use of hot keys given at the top of the keyboard.

3. Page Magnifier: There is a new lighted page magnifier in the market that is absolutely a must for all the aging baby boomers generation. It has some really powerful magnifying abilities paired with an even lighting and flexibility in adjustment. There are as many as 12 LEDs which provide plenty of light for easy reading. The lens is large and powerful enough to magnify a whole page and keeps glare to a minimum. It can be turned on and off easily with a large button and has a strong handle for easy portability.

Jitterbug Cell Phone

Jitterbug Cell Phone

4. Cell Phone: Heard about the Jitterbug Cell Phone?? It’s another must have gadget to eliminate another of the aging baby boomers elderly problems. The buttons are big and backlit so they make for better usability. A powerful speaker and a specially designed ear cushion ensure you have a comfortable conversation with the least background noise. There are operators on stand-by 24/7 to help you with any problems, even offering to add contacts to your phone and place calls for you if you want. The service is cheap ($10 a month) and gives free roaming and long distance calls. Now that’s the kind of service that truly can eliminate some of the baby boomers generation elderly problems.

5. Hearing Loss Device: Now wait! Don’t get offended as this is one of the most common aging baby boomers generation elderly problems. And this is not a full hearing loss device. It’s the TV Ears 2. Extremely powerful volume of 120 dB makes for a clearer sound ensuring the aging baby boomers with mild hearing loss elderly problems don’t miss out on any dialogue from favorite TV shows or movies. A new technology in frequency control has been introduced which works amazingly well with plasma TV and fluorescent lights. The ear tips are made with molding foam that makes them extremely comfortable for our sensitive ears; another big help for aging baby boomers with the elderly problems of tinnitus or ear sensitivity. The transmitter set can hold 2 headsets and takes only an hour to fully recharge the headset which lasts for 10 hours.

6. Portable Jump Starter: The Solar Jump-N-Carry Portable Jump Starter weighs only 9 pounds and can be stored anywhere. It is a powerful device with 900 Peak Amps and comes with a built in flashlight to further help eliminate the visual elderly problems of the aging baby boomers generation. This gadget makes jump starting our cars a breeze.

7. Talking Watch: Now this one is fun and also eliminates elderly problems of us aging baby boomers generation. It is very easy to read thanks to a large dial, again, with large numbers. Because it works on atomic time technology therefore you need not worry about setting the time … ever! Anyone from the baby boomers generation would love it as it tells the time and date clearly so we need not strain our eyes or ears. Additionally, you can also set it to tell the day of the week, the month and even the year. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

8. Insomnia Help: Let’s admit it! One of the major elderly problems the baby boomer generation, faces, is recurrent bouts of insomnia. Here is the perfect thing to help with that. Night Wave is a device that helps you relax before you sleep in a session you do within the privacy of your own room. A soft blue light is radiated and gently pulses. Aging baby boomer insomniacs breathe with the rhythm of the light and before you know it you will be far off into dreamland. It is portable and can be used anywhere; especially helpful for the baby boomers that travel, as it be used to eliminate insomnia in different time zones.

Do you have a favorite gadget to help eliminate any elderly problems. We’d love to hear about it at BoomerYearbook.

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