Karen Turner PHD | A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions
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A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions

A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions

A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions

By Boomeryearbook.com

Well now aren’t these interesting pictures? Some are very nice others are just words or letters. There is more to them than that though. Lets take a good look at them and see if we can see what they are really all about. Seeing is believing, but in this case you won’t believe what you missed. Let’s look at each picture one by one.


Picture 1:

First glance:

When you look at the picture for the first time what do you see?

I saw a boy standing on a roof top playing a guitar.

Second glance:

Now what do you see? I see a crowd of people standing behind the houses watching the singer. Did you catch it?

Picture 2: width=

First glance:

This one I found dumbfounding. I can’t see any illusion at all.

Second glance.

Still not doing too well with this. It could have something to do with the shadow. If you look at the way the guy is holding his arm, and look at the shadow they just don’t seem to match. Then again is that just my imagination?

Picture 3: width=

First glance.

All I saw was the word “good” written in big black thick letters in a font I don’t really care for.

Second glance.

Now this is really interesting. Look at the white space only within the black letters. Do you see what I see? Look hard enough and you will see the world “evil” appear.

Picture 4:

 width=If you don’t catch this illusion on your first glance you will be amazed on your second. Of course this is my favorite.

First glance

I saw the word illusion. I thought perhaps there was an illusion hidden in the color of the letters. That didn’t seem to be the case though.

Second glance

Ok are you ready for this? Take a look at the word again only this time concentrate on the white within the letters. If you can’t see it the first time look away and then look back again. Do you see the word “Optical” in white? If you don’t, trust me it’s really there. Actually I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. I wasn’t really looking for an illusion when I saw it. I was looking below the word and it caught my eye. I think that’s pretty impressive.

I hope you have enjoyed this little game as much as I did. With so much Christmas stress and serious world wide financial concerns it’s really nice to just take some time out and have some fun.

I bet if you think about it, looking at these little games provided a nice break from the stress of the holiday season. They say change is as good as rest. You just gave your brain a nice change from your everyday cares.

Want to enjoy more brain teasers and optical illusions? Sign on to Boomer Yearbook and have some fun.

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