Karen Turner PHD | Ambiguous Online Optical Illusions
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Ambiguous Online Optical Illusions

Ambiguous Online Optical Illusions

Psychological Articles Explaining Online Optical Illusions

By Boomeryearbook.com

The Web is a storehouse of a plethora of online optical illusions. These online optical illusions can be categorized into various groups; with Ambiguous online optical illusion being one classification. In ambiguous illusions, the foreground and the background are the main factors that create the deceptive illusion.

Swiss artist Sandro Del-Prete is credited for the creation of some really cool paintings, such as “The Message of Love from the Dolphins”, “Folded Chess Set”, and ‘St. George The Dragon Slayer”. These paintings have become popular online optical illusions that have mesmerized many Web surfers. The online optical illusion “St. George the Dragon Slayer” is a portrait of St. George: Check out the following figure.

Sandro Del-Prete

If you look carefully at this online optical illusion, you can also see the less obvious fight between St. George and the dragon. Can’t see it? Let me give you a hint. Look at St. George’s hair to see St. George on a horse fighting the dragon.

“St. George The Dragon Slayer” is a wonderful example of an ambiguous online optical illusions; as it shows that an ambiguous online optical illusion is a combination of two actual comprehensible images. It creates an illusion because the human eye focuses on one particular visual element and brings it to the foreground. The other elements act as the background. The brain perceives the image in the foreground while the background acts merely as a complement to the foreground image. By changing the viewer’s focus of sight, (i.e., telling the viewer where to look) you can shift the foreground and the background in ambiguous online optical illusions to see the background image. However, you cannot see both images at the same time. This is where online optical illusions come in.

Sandro Del-Prete has not only created this wonderful painting, “St George The Dragon Slayer”, but the painting is also an online optical illusion that has mesmerized, tricked and amazed human eyes.

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