Karen Turner PHD | Animals in Boomers Dreams: Common Meanings
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Animals in Boomers Dreams: Common Meanings

Animals in Boomers Dreams: Common Meanings

Common Meaning of Animal Dreams

Common Meaning of Animal Dreams

By Boomeryearbook.com

We have all heard of the phrase Animal Instinct; and if we believe Darwin’s theory regarding the evolution of man, then we have to admit there is a certain animal instinct in all of us, in some more than others. Seeing animals in dreams signify different things for different people. It may be a symbol of one’s sexual nature or some primitive desire that we keep trying to push back into our subconscious.

There are different kinds of “archetypal” (Jung) interpretations of dreams associated with animals. Some of these “universal” meanings are mentioned below to help the baby boomer generation better understand the subconscious mind:

• You may see a talking animal. This manifests knowledge and wisdom beyond what is normal.
• Saving the life of an animal shows a person’s effort to overcome some inadequacy or some overwhelming experience. It may also mean that the dreamer is identifying with the traits of that certain animal.
• Animals like cockroaches, hamsters, frogs or what we can group as lab animals denote an inability to show emotions adequately. Also, that a person may be limiting himself as regard to his choices and beliefs.

Boomer Yearbook reviewed psychological articles for the baby boomer generation to answer their questions about seeing different species of animals. Here is what we at Boomer Yearbook, website for the baby boomer generation, discovered:

1. Apes show dishonesty. Apes also stand for a wild sexual nature.
2. Bats indicate lack of cleanliness and annoyance. They may also symbolize a will and effort to quit a bad habit. Also, they may signify that a person is entering into a situation blindly. There are various kinds of bats and their dream symbolism depends on which type you see. Seeing a white bat is considered a symbol of death, a black bat of private calamity, and the non scientific research views a vampire bat as symbolic that someone is attempting to suck out all your confidence or assets.
3. Bears may be symbolic of the life cycle, or of inner evaluation and judgment. They also stand for new beginnings in life. If you dream of getting attacked by a bear it is said to represent feelings of competitiveness and a measure of your ability to overcome obstacles.
4. Buffalos signify survival. A dead buffalo or one that has received injury is supposedly a warning that you must not take on any new ventures; whereas a buffalo herd shows consistency and prosperity.
5. Bulls are said to denote a rich, fulfilling and prosperous life. They also stand for strength and command. Virility, repression of sexual needs are also said to be symbolized by bulls.
6. Camels stand for the need for conservatism in life. They show the trait of holding on to emotions instead of letting go and expressing feelings. On the other hand, they have also been said to signify the ability to face adversities and be able to find solutions to problems.
7. Cats in dreams show deceit but for a person who loves cats they may signify sexuality, authority and originality. A violent cat biting you indicates irritation and a certain level of dread usually when things are not going according to plan. Chasing away a cat stands for your ability to conquer any impediment. Black cats are associated with psychic abilities and a person’s fear of testing them.
8. Dogs as one would expect, denote faithfulness, compassion and security. We of the baby boomer generation love our dogs but dreaming of aggression in a dog shows deception and a dead dog denotes the loss of a close friend. Dressing up a dog means you are trying to cover some personal flaw. A dog that bites you supposedly stands for your feelings of uncertainty in a situation.
9. Elephants stand for power, vigor and wisdom. Riding an elephant signifies your fearlessness in facing your weaknesses. Dreaming of elephants may also denote your own shy nature.
10. Deer show peace and beauty. A streak of independence within your personality is also manifested in the form of a deer in your dreams.

We at BoomerYearbook want to stress that while certain dream images may be archetypal or have a universal meaning to most, that as we’ve stated in our article,
all dream interpretation MUST be subjective to the individual dreamer.

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