Karen Turner PHD | As White As Wine!
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As White As Wine!

As White As Wine!

Though the popular one in the world of wines is the red wine; it is the white cousin that is actually the choice of the classes.

We’ve spoken about this in the earlier articles saying that due to shortage of white wine, vintners tried to make white wine with red grapes, and hence rose wines were born. Now, the actual glamour of wine lies in the white version; and all over the world, it is the white wines that command a premium, as the grape variant does not grow so easily all over the world.

For all kinds of meetings and various get-togethers, white wine is the beverage of choice, as it signifies class and subtlety. In America, the Napa Valley is the top wine producing region – as is a known fact. But did you know that the region actually became very popular only after the Paris wine tasting festival in 1976; where a Chardonnay white wine variety beat all the other popular French and Italian wines in a blind tasting competition?

It is this event that made the world sit up and notice Napa Valley as a premier wine producing region. Since then, American white wine also has been counted as one of the best vintages of wine in the world.

Trivia – The actual color of white wine is not white. It is either Yellow or a pale Golden. If the vintage comes out to a darker shade, the vintners combine a paler variant to bring the color back.

According to a study at the medical department of the University of Connecticut, White wine has also been found to be as good as Red for the heart. But then, only when taken in moderation. So, have your glass of white guilt free, and feel good that you are helping your heart too!

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