Karen Turner PHD | Avoiding Alzheimer’s: A Homeopathic Viewpoint
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Avoiding Alzheimer’s: A Homeopathic Viewpoint

Avoiding Alzheimer’s: A Homeopathic Viewpoint

Elderly Problems: Alzheimer's Disease

Elderly Problems: Alzheimer's Disease

Elderly Problems: By Boomeryearbook.com

According to psychological articles reviewed by Boomer Yearbook, a website for baby boomers, almost 4 million Americans (born between 1946-1964) suffer from the debilitating elderly problems of Alzheimer’s disease. The severity of this disease is that it strikes the brain; significantly changing who we are. Alzheimer’s usually strikes after the age of 55, (early onset), and snatches away our most important functions and pleasures; at the very time when the baby boomers should be harvesting the fruits of our well deserved labors.

It has been confirmed that Alzheimer develops quickly after the age of 55 and has a slightly slower progression when symptoms begin later in life, in the late 60s and early 70s. While in the past, memory was regarded as untreatable elderly problems, today’s modern advancements have changed this misunderstanding of memory and the aging disease process, so that we now have the ability to treat and improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients. (Please check Boomer Yearbook’s section on mental and medical health updates for articles on new research and Alzheimer’s treatments.)

According to homeopathy, a small dose of the toxin, “like treats like”, naturally cures the disease. Psychological articles suggest the remedy alumina is found highly useful in treating the elderly problems of Alzheimer’s.

The homeopaths, but not allopathic physicians, claim that aluminum is the main causative agent for this disease and followers of the holistic healer Edgar Cayce instruct people to limit using aluminum in utensils, pots, pills etc. If not limited, the homeopathic community believes that the elderly problems of Alzheimer’s’ will reach epidemic proportions.

According to a study done on the baby boomers generation, good eating habits can make a big difference in lowering the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. The psychological articles say that drinking fruit and vegetable juices might be a big step forward toward avoiding elderly problems. The normal understanding of how fresh fruit might help with Alzheimer’s is that anti-oxidants helps rid the body of free charged particles, (i.e. free radicals) that form in body and damage cells .The fruit and vegetable vitamins cleans the free radical toxins and is said to stop them from doing damage. Being a fellow boomer, I strongly advise we all stay on top of this disease, and sign up, follow and comment on the series of Alzheimer related articles in Boomeryearbook, our website for baby boomers.

To treat this elderly problems, a homeopath first asks about the medical history of the patient .Then he performs mental evaluation tests by screening memory, problem-solving abilities, the persons attention span, counting skills and language. For example, homeopaths might test latest and long-term memory by asking: What day was yesterday? Or: When was World War I? Homeopaths may list familiar objects and then ask a patient to repeat them at immediately and then again after a ten minute time lapse.

The homeopath might recommend a traditional allopathic physician for Neuropsychological tests and brain scans to confirm the diagnosis; such as (CT) scans, (MR)scans and (PET) scans .By looking at a picture of the brain the doctors have an added tool to the complications of elderly problems, such as Alzheimer’s.

However, a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can only be made post mortem; using a microscopic examination of the person’s brain cells after death.
According to homeopathic experts on this most crippling of elderly problems, baby boomers should develop good eating habits, eliminate aluminum utensils and products, and should be stimulating our brains with psychological games and brain teasers to ward off the possibility of this awful disease.

If you are interested in more information on Alzheimer’s, please check Boomer Yearbook’s other two articles “Accicental Discovery Gives Hope to Alzheimer’s Treatment” and “When Alzheimer’s Beats Boomer” at:



And tune into Boomeryearbook’s Medical and Mental Health blog for weekly updates.

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