Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomer Guide to Positive Psychology and Finding Happiness
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Baby Boomer Guide to Positive Psychology and Finding Happiness

Baby Boomer Guide to Positive Psychology and Finding Happiness

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

Elderly Problems by Boomeryearbook.com

As baby boomers enter middle and older age, they are often struck by the sudden realization that they have not done all the things they wanted to do before it’s too late. This realization of mortality can be a bit of a blow to someone who failed to fly the Atlantic single handed or climb the World’s tallest mountain and although it is true that some of the expectations of success are unrealistic, it does not lessen the disappointment of knowing your capabilities are now too limited to even try.

The solution to finding contentment in later life often lies in being satisfied with one’s lot – often termed as ‘counting one’s blessings’. This positive attitude to life might be somewhat old fashioned but it certainly works better than constantly questioning life’s injustices and being permanently disillusioned and bitter. Baby boomers are traditionally opposed to defeatism but sometimes the weariness of years can result in an uncharacteristic negativity.

Psychological articles inform us that Positive psychology is something to be striven for in all areas of life. Looking on the brighter side of any situation can make the difference to being a happy human being with a portfolio of positive experiences, or being a grumpy and disillusioned wet blanket with nothing good to say about anyone or anything. Nobody would actively choose to be a negative thinker, yet so few take the initiative to learn how to be happy and content. As baby boomers approach older age, there is little time left for making life changes but this is one worth exploring no matter how old you are.

Positive psychology is one that embraces interaction between friends and sociability in all its forms. Baby boomers who insist on leading a solitary and isolated existence because they feel they have been dealt a bad hand in life rarely get the most out of their retirement and their friendships. A little enthusiasm is sometimes hard to muster, especially on those days when your arthritis is painful or you have just received a hugel utilities bill or you have dented your car. The point is, though, the alternative is wallowing in misery and making matters even worse in isolation.

For people who feel they have slipped into a habit of negative thinking, positive psychology could embrace putting bad things behind them and making a positive decision to set new goals and achieve them by determinedly following a positive path.

Routine can play a positive part in a new regime of happiness or it can de-rail efforts to make changes by restricting outings or resisting making new friends because they do not fall you’re your schedule. Make a positive effort to overcome difficulties and put a plan on track for a better outlook.

Positive psychology can be a therapeutic process when dealing with bereavement and loss and also help to overcome the emotional pain of divorce and separation. Putting the right healing processes in place at these times can be the answer to an early recovery from trauma.

The Psychological Article on Positive Psychology and Finding Happiness is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of baby boomers psychological coaching tips and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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