Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomer Hobbies and Pastimes: What to Do With Your Time on Retirement
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Baby Boomer Hobbies and Pastimes: What to Do With Your Time on Retirement

Baby Boomer Hobbies and Pastimes: What to Do With Your Time on Retirement

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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology


For so many baby boomers, retirement is the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. For others, retirement represents the tunnel itself – a slow stroll into darkness and the end of life as we know it! It need not be that way: making the transition into a life that excludes regular working hours need not mean you will spend your days knitting socks or (please, no!) stamp collecting.

Baby boomers are resourceful and active members of the community as a rule. For those who have neglected their social duties within their community, retirement represents a great opportunity to take on new challenges for fund raising, charitable work and putting other people first for a change.

Retirement is often a matter of attitude and taking a positive approach to having a great deal more time on your hands than you are used to. For many ladies, having their husbands at home and ‘under their feet all day’ sends them crazy for the first unfamiliar months of retirement but often the strangeness is replaced by euphoria as new hobbies and interests are discovered and along with them a renewed sense of purpose.

Some people find that in retirement their time slowly becomes even more compromised than when they were holding down busy jobs as they begin to take an interest in parties; social gatherings that include sporting interests such as golf and bowls and taking the opportunity to travel. Others finally get around to taking in a new pet they have been longing for. When you are working and out all day, it can be impractical to consider giving a dog a home. Finally, in retirement, a pet is on the agenda and with it all the new responsibilities having a pet means; such as exercising and training.

As baby boomers look down the retirement tunnel, they see either golden opportunities or ill-deserved punishment, depending on their point of view. Taking the attitude that the years ahead are going to be filled with nothingness and trivia will get you into the grave (or the grave of depression) sooner than even you gloomily predicted! Put some rose colored spectacles on and make some positive inquiries about how you are going to utilize your time. Make the presumption early on that your time is valuable, because it is!

For baby boomers with a limited imagination, there are clubs and societies for newly retired ladies and gents with an appetite for activity and plenty of life left in them, with a wealth of suggestions on how to learn new skills and make new friends while you are doing so. Find one of them and spend your retirement in fulfilment and satisfaction, instead of moping about the career that is now behind you.

Stamp collecting and macramé classes might understandably not be for you. If you are active and interested in new things, your retirement should offer every chance to explore new horizons and social opportunities.

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