Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomer Sources of Self Esteem
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Baby Boomer Sources of Self Esteem

Baby Boomer Sources of Self Esteem

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology

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Self esteem is a big issue. It is our persona; our perception of ourselves that makes us either like what we are or not, as the case may be. Self esteem can make or break our personalities and our ability to socialize successfully. Baby boomers are famous for being confident and out going and able to see what is right, speaking up forcefully when we decide something is against our principles. Our self esteem, however, can sometimes come between us and our right to be seen and heard in certain situations.

We all know what it is like to walk into a crowded restaurant or party and have the room go quiet as we enter. We want the floor to open and swallow us; we want to disappear conveniently so that we do not have to face our inquisitors. It might have nothing whatever to do with us and be merely a coincidental hush that sometimes occurs in any large gathering. It is our lack of self esteem that makes us feel otherwise and our share of paranoia that feeds our lack of confidence.

As baby boomers enter middle age and late middle age, we sometimes lose our ability to see ourselves as valuable assets in our community and within our family unit. This is nothing to do with a lack in any respect; it is merely the result of feeling vulnerable as our mortality begins to rear its ugly head and stare us in the face!

There are some positive steps that baby boomers can take to help improve their self esteem. Paying some attention to our appearance is always a plus and has the effect of making us feel better, as the process invariably involves eating healthy foods, drinking less, giving up smoking or at least cutting down, and getting some exercise. The physical benefits of a healthy routine can have a domino effect on other areas of life and help a boomer feel positive and motivated.

Baby boomers in a long term relationship have a handy source of self esteem living at home. Making the effort to review the relationship and assessing your own contribution to building on the love and respect you already have can provide enormous comfort and self motivation in later years.

As we enter middle and older age, it is often tempting to remove ourselves from the company of the younger generation. However, this is not always of significant value and a genuine effort that is made to socialize with younger people can have a refreshing effect on self worth, leading you to see yourself as someone with a wide range of ideas. Taking the trouble to learn what is going on in younger circles and making the time to involve yourself in young issues can have a huge impact on your own self esteem.

If you feel your self esteem is at a lower pitch than it once was, take a step back and look at what has changed in your life: knowing the cause of the problem can often be the first step to fixing it.

The Psychological Article on Baby Boomer Sources of Self Esteem is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of baby boomers psychological coaching tips and how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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