Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomer Women and the Onset of Menopause
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Baby Boomer Women and the Onset of Menopause

Baby Boomer Women and the Onset of Menopause

Baby Boomer Women Kicking Elderly Problems of Menopause

Baby Boomer Women Kicking Elderly Problems of Menopause

Elderly Problems: By Boomeryearbook.com

We all know what menopause means biologically or technically; it’s when a woman’s monthly menstrual cycles have stopped; officially for one year. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45-55, leaving most women with many decades of life to live without pre-menopausal hormonal estrogen. While that may somehow be comforting, menopause is just as life changing as puberty in the sense that a woman’s hormones are fluctuating and ushering in a new stage of life. That’s also a problem as many women are scared of what the future may hold and filled with anxiety and misconceptions. There are more women over 50 (baby boomer women) in the world today than during any other time in history; and are apprehensive about elderly problems including menopause.

The majority of Baby boomer women are well into their menopause and many have ‘seen the other side’ by now. Many struggle with the elderly problems of asexuality. Frankly speaking, old isn’t usually equated with sexy or sex appeal, unless you are discussing aged wine and not aging women. While many baby boomer women may be economically empowered and self assured, when they hit menopause it’s as if we lose our previous confidence, or go into overdrive to compensate for the hormonal ‘losses’. What baby boomer women should recognize is that we are experiencing a change, and not to think of menopause as a loss.

I think boomers are especially worried about the elderly problems of menopause because we’ve lived a life of freedom, and our sheer numbers have dictated that society keeps up with our demands, not the other way around. This is especially true of our demand for sexual freedom, and may have implications in our strong negative reaction to menopause, as baby boomer women might be worried because menopause means that they’re now different, now aging, no longer in “sexual prime.” And let’s never forget the role of the media and the part that “image” plays in how we deal with aging. If women dutifully abandon a sexy or youthful image and then bemoan society’s wrong conception, it is our fault that we have bought into the propaganda. Childbearing powers shouldn’t be linked to sexuality. Many of us baby boomer womenlook and feel quite sexy

For baby boomer women let me offer this post menopausal advice; don’t think that life as you know it will just shift towards say, your grandchildren. I’ve been through menopause, and I grant you, it wasn’t a picnic. I was cranky, had trouble sleeping and felt very insecure. But I realized that my ‘instability’ was my body readjusting itself and tried to wrap my mind around getting through the symptoms and looking forward to the change. What happens to baby boomer women after 50? We have alternatives. We can get unnecessarily preoccupied with our loss of youth and get depressed, or we can launch into this new phase of life availing ourselves or all resources. For goodness sake ladies, we haven’t expired and no we won’t become invisible unless we let it happen. Let’s just band together in sisterhood and shed stereotypes about our sexuality that are entrapped in old opinions.

It will do us a world of good if we baby boomer women are concerned with our wellness, financial security and getting the best out of our booming postmenopausal senior years.
I for one took up Zumba, (Latin Cardio Fusion) and feel better than I have in 20 years.
I hope other baby boomer women will write me at Boomer Yearbook and let me know what worked for them.

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