Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomers and Environmental Issues
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Baby Boomers and Environmental Issues

Baby Boomers and Environmental Issues

How Baby Boomers can eliminate Elderly Problems

How Baby Boomers can eliminate Elderly Problems

Psychological Article on Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

If you are one of the thousands of baby boomers soon to be retiring then you are among those of us facing the issue of needing fulfilling leisure activities. You may feel anxiously challenged by foreseeing elderly problems like illness, loneliness and limited social activity and unnerved by the setbacks of aging; But, if retirement issues are leaving you wondering what to do next, Do not worry! Environmental issues can provide abundant and rewarding labors. For instance, the threat of global warming as well as recycling and other environmental campaigns can easily provide hours of social and leisure enjoyment. All you need to eliminate this elderly problem is the right amount of motivation and a clear direction of the type of cause for which you feel passionate and desirous of helping.

As we are all aware, our current world is facing acute environmental problems of climate change. The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere had dangerously increased and is causing drastic, unhealthy climate changes. Well Baby Boomers! We can help by running awareness campaigns and informing people of the many ways we can save our planet by decreasing carbon emissions. These campaigns can keep us retired baby boomers busy in creative promotion of the environmental cause and thus we can easily assuage our fears of impending elderly problems.

Working for Wild Life preservation can be another innovative activity for a retiring baby boomer facing the elderly problem of boredom. There are hundreds of thousands of endangered species who need protection and natural reserves in order for us to prevent their extinction. Baby Boomers can thus eliminate the elderly problem of feelings of uselessness by raising funds to support a wild life preservation cause. Additionally, another way to eradicate the elderly problem of boredom is if providing time and energy towards building and maintenance of animals and natural reserves. These activities will engage us baby boomers in healthy activities; thus driving away elderly problems of feeling invisible and futile.

Today’s society is well aware that projected Global Warming can have adverse effects on both human and animal life. It can change the geographical boundaries on earth by converting deserted land into sea and fertile lands into barren deserts. The over all temperature of our planet has already risen by 0.76 C since 1850 and is still on the rise. This can facilitate the extinction of many plant and animal species. One way to alleviate an elderly problem for the financially secure baby boomer is to help facilitate global warming awareness and support the cause through personal financial aid or by raising donations for this noble cause.

Some baby boomers have found a solution to their elderly problems in encore jobs that have purpose and can bring meaning and satisfaction. For instance, some retiring baby boomers have followed their passions and have taken advocacy positions working with at risk children or championing environmental issues. These avocations offer baby boomers a chance to make a difference in the lives if others, while allowing baby boomers to feel they are making a significant contribution in these difficult times.

If personal travel is not an option, but you do want to explore group travel possibilities, then the answer to this elderly problem can easily be found in traveling for an environmental cause. Baby boomers well planned environmental activist campaigns can lead to healthy and motivated traveling around the globe. Thus the efforts of baby boomers can make life better for millions and at the same time, easily overcome personal feelings of isolation and other elderly problems.

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