Karen Turner PHD | Baby Boomers Dealing With Disability
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Baby Boomers Dealing With Disability

Baby Boomers Dealing With Disability

By Boomeryearbook.com

As we get older, getting out of bed takes a little longer and walking up the stairs becomes a little harder. Realizing that we are not able to do the things we are used to doing everyday with the same amount of ease is a cause for worry for many Baby Boomers. This anxiety is only heightened if our ailments may lead to a permanent disability in the near future. Degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis can become debilitating over a period of years especially if not diagnosed and treated in the early stages. When facing the prospect of living with a specific disability for the rest of your life, it is easy to become depressed. It is important to know that your life is not over, and there are many ways to continue living while staying fit and healthy.
With disability comes a number of other things for you to think about. The most significant of which is how you are going to pay the medical bills related to your disability. Medical bills can put a real dent in the pockets of ageing and retiring Baby Boomers. For some people having good health insurance coverage helps with that dilemma. Health insurance is very important because it helps to offset some of the expenses related to the treatment of your disability and the care of general health.
There are many types of health care: Those provided by your job and those that can be purchased directly from the insurance company. It is vital to know the full details of coverage of your policy because not all policies cover the same amount of health care. However, there is the daunting fact that many health insurance policies are expensive, especially for Baby Boomers. But there is hope! The government has begun to look into how they can adjust the national budget to assist those applying for health care. We, at BoomerYearbook.com, will do our best to keep you updated about this government-supported health care assistance in the near future.
A disability may also force you to have to remodel your home in order to make it more accessible. The thought of even how much that would cost is discouragement enough. But did you know that the IRS offers tax write-offs for homeowners who need to make medical-related renovations such as entrance and exit ramps, installing chairlifts, and bathroom modification? Their website (irs.gov) gives advice as to how to go about this and what modifications would be automatically approved.
We all know how hard it can get when you have to make a big adjustment in our lives, but there are ways to survive and continue to thrive. Remember that there are many resources available to help you with whatever you may be going through. Spend some time browsing local and federal websites; you’d be surprised at the number of financial assistance available to Boomers like yourself.
It is essential to keep a positive outlook in every situation. Stress and worry can destroy your body in as much the same way as other illnesses. A negative attitude not only affects the person with the disability, but his/her family and other loved ones. Surrounding yourself with positive people and participating in activities that will lift your spirits are important pieces to the puzzle of enjoying your Boomer years. Never give up, never lose hope.
Share your thoughts with us on how best to deal with a disability or an impending one at BoomerYearbook.com.
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