Karen Turner PHD | Boomer Yearbook: The Writers
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Boomer Yearbook: The Writers

Boomer Yearbook: The Writers

Dr. Karen Turner, a clinical psychologist, has created a social network for baby boomers interested in meeting and connecting with generational peers. Boomer Yearbook focuses on joining boomers from around the world and providing us with fun, integrative and interactive features that can optimize our social and emotional wellness. In these days of increasing stress, it is vital to keep our brains active and alert. As a psychologist, Dr. Karen’s goal is to provide free challenging brain games, informational newsletters on life and professional coaching, boomer relevant forums, the latest news on cosmetic surgery and skin enhancements, and health & wellness features that may maximize our learning and functioning. So if you’re a baby boomer searching for people with similar time specific memories or maybe just a person who’s fond of staring at optical illusions, playing psychological games and pondering upon the mysteries of the human brain, Boomer Yearbook is the social network for you.

Boomer Yearbook is a Psychological Articles Website for Baby Boomers, Echo Boomers and Booming Seniors. Connect with old and new friends, or expand your mind and ward off senior moments and elderly problems with dream analysis and online optical illusions and brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join this Website for Baby Boomers to stay informed, receive weekly Newsfeeds, and let your opinions be heard.


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