Karen Turner PHD | Boomers and Belly Dancing
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Boomers and Belly Dancing

Boomers and Belly Dancing

Psychological Articles on Resolving Elderly Problems with Belly Dancing

Psychological Articles on Resolving Elderly Problems with Belly Dancing

Psychological Articles Resolving Elderly Problems-By Boomeryearbook.com

Yes, it sounds intimidating, but belly dancing is actually a workout that brings more pleasure than pain (if any pain at all). And no, it is not for those young twenty-somethings, and it is not just for women. Belly Dancing is an easy and enjoyable way to strengthen one of the most important muscle and bone groups of your body. So roll up that shirt and get to it!

Belly Dancing stretches and conditions your core, and those muscle groups that basically hold you up and hold you together. Belly dancing works and strengthens your hips and their respective joints, your whole abdomen, your neck, spine, and your arms. Belly dancing is also an exercise that is easy on the joints because it does not put added pressure on your knees or ankles. It works with the natural movement of your body rather than forcing you to adopt unnatural posture or stance.

The benefits of belly dancing are far more numerous than most people ever expect. The most surprising one is that it aids in digestion. Indeed, working the abdominal area by rolling the belly in and out and swaying from side to side has been reported in psychological articles on resolving elderly problems to help ease all sorts of digestive issues by easily moving food along the digestive track.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women. Belly Dancing encourages stretching and toning the core joints of the body. So the hip area, where people often experience breakage as they get older, is protected by these exercises because they encourage the production of the fluid that allows for easy joint movement and improves its elasticity.

Belly dancing also does a pretty good job of trimming down the waistline as it focuses the workout on that general area; and any activity that trims your waistline, also trims your chances of heart disease. It also encourages weight loss and improves balance and posture. The movements work on both the small and underused back muscles, while lengthening the spine causing the bones to be properly aligned and eliminating the harmful curvatures that develops from bad posture.

Psychological articles on resolving elderly problems have also reported that belly dancing results in Increased strength and endurance. Since belly dancing uses arms to supplement movements and increase balance, and the stance of a belly dancer is that of slightly bent knees (which reduces the pressure on the joints) and tucked in hips, your thighs, arms and buttocks will be strengthened and toned and you will be surprised just how much less your arms tremble when you pick up that heavy jar on the top shelf.

Most community centers or gyms have information on where you can go for classes, or you could break out the directory. If you feel like unleashing your inner Britney Spears at home, FitTv runs a Belly Dancing Program twice a day- once in the morning and the other in the evening. Be sure to speak with your doctor before taking on any form of exercise, he/she will be able to tell you what level is safe to start at and what exercises you should avoid.

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