Karen Turner PHD | Boomers In Love: Some Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day
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Boomers In Love: Some Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Boomers In Love: Some Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Boomers Valentine

By Boomeryearbook.com

So, you’re no longer a giddy teenager with the option of going to the roller rink and skating figure eights. And you’re not quite the millionaire you’d want to be- so where does that leave you on Valentine’s Day?

When a movie or dinner just doesn’t cut it anymore, how about spicing things up for this February 14?

© Take your partner up to the highest point in your neighborhood and eat breakfast as the sun rises. Renew your commitment to each other with the new dawn.

© Row out to the middle of the lake and share a quiet moment. Collect small pebbles and as you skip them over the water, state something you love about your mate.

© Set up the most private room in your home like a massage parlor, buy massage oils and scented candles. Turn on soft music in the background and surprise your partner with a stress-releasing rubdown.

© Make a full-course meal together from start to finish. Then, using only utensils for one (or none at all) enjoy sharing the meal.

© Re-enact your first date but bring an album of your journey together and a list of ten things you’ve grown to appreciate about your partner.

© Go on a moonlit nature walk and finish the night with a late-night cuddle and some cocoa around a small bonfire

© Hold hands and walk down to the beach for some star-gazing

© Hang sheets and curtains around a room for a movie-theatre feel and rent the movies you both used to love when you first started dating

© Do nothing! Have a personal chef (or a food-savvy friend) come and cook you and your partner dinner; and pay a local talent or two to entertain you for the night.

© Start afresh: go to the local courthouse and renew your vows.

For those of you who still have that giddy teenager feeling because of a new found love, you can:

© Go to your amusement park and be a kid again- ride the Ferris wheel and the tea cups

© Write up a love ransom note (make sure to identify yourself), and in it demand different acts of love you want to be showered with. When they show up at the spot surprise them with things you think they’d love.

© Surprise your significant other by decorating the interior of their car or house with hearts. String them up and let them hang from the ceiling and then write out the things you appreciate about them, things you enjoy about them, even things that amuse you about them, just use your imagination.

© Take the car and take a road trip to a place that’s important to you- like a good restaurant- casual or elegant, or a place from your childhood. Share the memory with your boyfriend/girlfriend and they’ll appreciate you for letting them in. When you get back home you’ll feel a lot closer.

© Go mini-golfing, or any other sport that gets you close to your partner in a non-aggressive way. Let the physical closeness ignite sparks that bedroom intimacy can’t.

All in all, the most important thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is spend time together. Don’t be too busy for your partner, and don’t make plans with anyone else for that day. Remember, a little effort and consideration can go a long way. Of course, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to do these activities, your significant other will enjoy the moments any day.

Do you have any ideas for Valentine’s Day activities? Share with us at Boomer Yearbook.

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