Karen Turner PHD | Elderly Problems: Health Benefits of Honey
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Elderly Problems: Health Benefits of Honey

Elderly Problems: Health Benefits of Honey

A spoonful of honey as medicine for elderly problems

A spoonful of honey as medicine for elderly problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Honey has numerous benefits for everyone, from children (excluding infants) to the echo-boomers to the retirement boomers, and booming seniors. It is not a mere sweetener or substitute for sugar; it is a proven remedy that can help to treat ulcers, dandruff, and diseases related to respiration and eczema. It’s easy to see why throughout time this natural sweetener has been cherished by both allopathic and homeopathic doctors.

As psychological articles and research attest, there is much modern evidence to justify the great regard for the therapeutic aspects of honey. It is a known and proven fact that honey is useful in preventing the growth of certain viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and honey can efficiently handle the job of maintaining optimal blood sugar levels in theretirement boomers.

Many elderly problems can be resolved or curtailed by the use of this miracle substance. One of the most important advantages of consuming honey lies in its anti-oxidant properties. Therefore, substituting honey for other sweeteners can be extremely useful in helping aging boomers remain in peak health.

The retirement boomers who fought in wars have some firsthand experience with the healing property of honey. When used as a topical antiseptic, it can treat first degree burns, ulcers, and minor cuts. Psychological articles have also reported that common elderly problems such as constipation, high cholesterol levels and unregulated blood pressure show an excellent favorable response in baby boomers who are ingesting honey.

Additionally, honey has been known to help with a hugeretirement boomersproblem: insomnia! As it raises blood pressure levels, it leads to a slight increase in insulin levels which triggers hormones in the brain that causes one to relax and get a good night’s sleep. A tablespoon before going to bed could really help people with depression and related sleep disorders.

Here is another one! We retirement boomers are fond of traveling. This may take us to places like a beach hut on the Caribbean or some exotic jungle in Malaysia. Sure enough, we are going to be easy targets for insect bites. The solution? A paste of honey and cinnamon. Yes, keep one handy and as soon as you feel the dreaded sting and itch just rub some onto the affected area. You will see the swelling and redness recede right in front of your eyes!

Arthritis is one of the most common elderly problems. Here is another way honey can help. Take a cup of water and add honey and cinnamon in a 2:1 proportion. Drink it in the mornings or before going to bed.

And if any of you baby boomers are experiencing coughing episodes, taking a teaspoon of honey with a light sprinkling of black pepper can do wonders to provide relief.

I could probably go on and on relating the many ways honey can be the new best friend for retirement boomers in helping us with our elderly problems, but I guess you get my point! Keep a good supply of honey nearby. You never know when you might need some.

My favorite honey remedy is to put a teaspoon into my chamomile tea before I go to sleep. Do you have a favorite? Come let us know at Boomeryearbook.

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