Karen Turner PHD | Curing chronic back ache through positive affirmations
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Curing chronic back ache through positive affirmations

Curing chronic back ache through positive affirmations

Curing chronic back ache through positive affirmations

Curing chronic back ache through positive affirmations

by BoomerYearbook.com

When you are enslaved by pain, fulfillment and happiness turn elusive. A chronic back ache can make your life miserable. If the cause of your back pain is an injury or strain on the spinal cord or back muscles, you know what you need to do to get rid of it. But what if you don’t know what’s causing those muscle spasms and aches? Your problem then becomes even more difficult to deal with, since without knowing the cause it’s difficult to figure out the cure. It may sound unlikely or hard to believe but “You” may be the cause of your chronic back pain!

Sometimes our aches and pains are caused by our negative thinking. In order to understand how our negative thought process affects us physically we need to understand the symbolism of our bodies. Our back supports our body and therefore symbolizes our “support system”. Whenever we perceive a problem in this support system, for instance feeling bogged down by stress, responsibilities, financial tensions, or feeling our loved ones are not supporting us, our “support system” starts feeling the pain. Therefore to get rid of it we need to let go of our negative beliefs.

Practicing positive affirmations is an effective yet simple exercise for releasing our negative feelings and emotions. Affirmations work by the simple logic that whatever we hear repeatedly becomes our belief. For instance if you are constantly told that you are “ugly”, then no matter how flattering your physical features may be, you will eventually start viewing yourself as “ugly”. So if we constantly self affirm that we feel supported, loved, and secure, with time it will become our belief.

You can either make up your own affirmations or practice the following in front of a mirror everyday:

“I trust life and feel safe and secure”

“All I need will be taken care of”

“I have the power to take care of myself and my loved ones”

“I feel loved and supported by people I care for”

“I love and approve of myself”

“I choose to be healthy and free of pain”

“All is well in my world”

Repeat these affirmations as often as you can (at least 50-60 times each). A good idea would be to follow a week by week plan and focus on one affirmation every week. Also make it a point to practice these affirmations whenever you can, for instance while driving, household chores, watering the plants etc. With time you will observe a shift in your perception and thinking pattern.

To relieve your back ache completely you may need to exercise regularly and even undergo physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles weakened by pain and stress. Affirmations will ensure that the pain does not return by eliminating the root cause of your problem.

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