Karen Turner PHD | Dating Outside Your Ethnicity – Male and Female Senior Boomers
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Dating Outside Your Ethnicity – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Outside Your Ethnicity – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Outside Your Ethnicity – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Outside Your Ethnicity – Male and Female Senior Boomers

By BoomerYearbook.com

Inter-ethnic relationships have been viewed as taboo for a long time. Those who were old enough to date during the 1950s can attest to this fact. During this period, engaging in a relationship with someone outside the race/ethnic group – Caucasian – was viewed with disdain and was simply unacceptable.

Recent times, however, do not allow us to live in our ethnic cocoons. Major steps have been made to eliminate racial bias. As a result, we now live in a world where interracial/inter-ethnic relationships are accommodated and not frowned upon.

As unbelievable as this may sound, there are rules which you should adhere to when dating outside your ethnicity.

Self Examination

The first thing you should do as a senior boomer in a mixed ethnic relationship is to examine and evaluate yourself. Many of the ethnic related prejudices we hold are so deeply ingrained within us that we may be unaware that we hold such prejudices. Knowing which cultural stereotype you hold about your partner’s culture is the first step towards eliminating them.

Information is power

Do research on your partner’s culture. The best way to do this is for the two of you to prepare a questionnaire with relevant questions pertaining to your cultures.


You are what you are because of your history and ethnic background. This means that your ethnicity affects a lot of areas in your life. From the music your like, the clothes you wear, your political affiliations, your views on many issues including marriage, child rearing, and many more. For this reason it is important to educate your dating partner on how your ethnicity relates to you. This way, your partner will be able to understand you better.

Equal Partner

Always treat your dating partner as an equal partner in the relationship. Avoid actions which may be interpreted as an attempt to suppress them or their culture. Most importantly, you should not make them appear like souvenirs, trophies, or tokens.

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