Karen Turner PHD | Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Baby Boomers
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Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Baby Boomers

By BoomerYearbook.com

Interreligious dating among baby boomers is a situation which should be approached with sobriety.

Dating someone practicing a different religion from yours can have far reaching effects and consequences in a relationship. This is particularly so if the relationship leads to courtship and then marriage.

There are some important questions which a baby boomer needs to find answers to when dating outside his/her religion. These questions include how the marriage ceremony is going to be celebrated. What religious beliefs and holidays will be celebrated by future step-children? How are you going to cope with the different value systems?

This, however, should not hinder you from pursuing your relationship with that special someone. What matters is how compatible you and your partner are. Interreligious romance need not be negative. All you need to know is learn as much as you can about your partner’s religious beliefs before you talk marriage and living with step-children and their families. Things to avoid when in an interreligious relationship include;

Refrain from passing judgment

It goes without saying that different religions have different rituals and practices. You can bet that these rituals and practices will be “different” from what your religion practices. Different, however, should not be interpreted as odd or wrong. You should be able to rise above your own perception of what is right or wrong and respect your partner’s religious practices.

State Your Dating Objectives from the Word Go

Different religions view dating differently. For this reason, it is very important to state your dating objectives early on when dating someone from a different religion. There are some religions which do not allow couples to date unless their intention is to get married and raise a family. To make sure you are on the same page with your partner and to avoid future disappointments, honesty is important.

Inflammatory Phrases

Avoid using phrases that are too general. These include such phrases like “you people”. When dating someone from a different religion, avoid phrases that seem targeted to his/her religious group.

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