Karen Turner PHD | Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Echo Boomers
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Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Echo Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Echo Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Echo Boomers

Dating Outside Your Religion – Male and Female Echo Boomers

By BoomerYearbook.com

With the expansion of our dating boundaries, into our lives come a wide array of beliefs, customs and religions. As a result of this, the echo boomer’s partner options become broader and broader. This, however, creates a situation where by it becomes challenging to find someone with the same beliefs, customs and religious background as the one in which you were raised.

The pros seem to out weight the cons. Dating someone from a different religion, however, is a bit different from dating someone from the same religion as you. The paces that both parties should go through before getting serious include:

Don’t Force Change

For the most part, we all believe that our personal religious practices are the right ones to follow. In a dating relationship, you should never attempt to change your partner’s religious beliefs. Also avoid “preaching” the positives aspects of your religion every time the two of you are together. Your date is more interested in you than your religion.


You need to go on practicing what your religion calls of you to do. The fact that you are not allowing your religion to take the lime light in your relationship does not mean you should suppress or do away with it either. Continue doing what you were doing before the two of you met.


Your religious beliefs are likely to impact on many aspects of your life. The important areas of your life where religion is likely to influence the way you think and act include your personal life, your views on sexuality, childbirth and contraceptives, what you eat, political views, among many others. You can help your partner understand you better by educating him/her on the role of religion in your life.

Open mind

As the cliche goes; failure to listen is a great sin. You should listen to your partner’s opinions and religious beliefs. Keep an open mind and do not consider their opinions, if different from yours, to be wrong. You should respect his/her religious beliefs and practices if you hope to have a successful relationship.

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