Karen Turner PHD | Dating someone Younger – Male and Female Baby Boomers
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Dating someone Younger – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating someone Younger – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating someone Younger – Male and Female Baby Boomers

Dating someone Younger – Male and Female Baby Boomers

By BoomerYearbook.com

Did you know that male and female baby boomers date younger people for totally different reasons? This is because life is divided into stages. These stages mean different things to both males and females.

Sexual Peak

For the male baby boomer, the sexual desire at this age will be waning and thus the need for a partner who can boost his confidence levels. Therefore, a relationship with a younger female will require some concessions for both parties. Unlike the female baby boomer relationship with a younger male which can be centered on sex, the relationship between a male baby boomer and a younger female is centered on emotional fulfillment. Other differences between the two relationships are:


A female baby boomer who has never been married before does not waste time on relationships without clear cut goals. At her age, she has probably had a fair share of marriage proposals thrown her way. The fact that she is single says a lot about her. Therefore, when she decides to date a younger man, it is because she has not found anyone who can meet her expectations within her own age group. That means that the young man should get his act together in the relationship or will be cut off.

For the male baby boomer, dating younger females calls for different rules all together. A female belonging to the echo boomer generation is probably trying to prove herself to the world. She wants to prove that she can take care of herself. She is still developing her adult identity. Less is expected of her at this age.

Best of two worlds

The female baby boomer will date a younger man who can support her decisions in life. One of these decisions may be career support. A younger man will be less likely to be in a hurry to start a family. Dating a younger man provides the perfect opportunity for a female baby boomer to build her career and be in a relationship at the same time.

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