Karen Turner PHD | Dating Younger People – Male and Female Senior Boomers
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Dating Younger People – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Younger People – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Younger People – Male and Female Senior Boomers

Dating Younger People – Male and Female Senior Boomers

By BoomerYearbook.com

One of the reasons why many senior boomers might find it rather difficult to toss themselves into the dating game again is due to the fact that there are not many people in their age group who are interested in a relationship. Further, there are health factors to consider as the effects of aging kick in.

For the few, however, who are young at heart and would not mind getting back into the game, albeit with someone younger, here are tips that will guide you on your quest for that special someone.

Be yourself

Do not lie about your age, or be self conscious when in public. Be confident, even though you can expect more than a few curious glances to be thrown your way.


Always maintain good personal hygiene. Wear clean, well fitting clothes, groom yourself and have your hair cut and styled.


Dating is an energy sapping activity. Therefore you will need to get those energy levels up by starting a fitness regime which will have to be complemented by a good diet. Aerobics is a good way of keeping fit and improving your confidence and appearance.


For the male, do the things that you used to do. Pull out chairs, open the door for her, pay the bill and most importantly, buy her flowers.

Act Your Age

Avoid attempting to do things that are not in tandem with your age. Attempting to out drink everyone in a bar or wild dancing is not the right thing for you to do.

Be Prepared

Be open to the fact that your younger date might one day decide to be with someone their own age. Therefore, do not stand in their way. Encourage your younger partner to live to their full potential.

Be the Leader

Whether you are male or female, the younger person will be looking up to you for leadership. Use your experience to offer solutions to challenges. You should, however, avoid mothering or fathering your date as this is not what they are looking for.

For the females, you should let your younger date take up some manly roles.

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