Karen Turner PHD | Do Boomers need Viagara?
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Do Boomers need Viagara?

Do Boomers need Viagara?

Sexual Elderly Problems

Sexual Elderly Problems

Elderly Problems: By Boomeryearbook

Regardless of age, individuals should have the right to pursue a full high quality life of their own choosing. Yet oftentimes many aging boomers falsely believe that aging will not permit the indulgence of formerly loved practices. Sexuality is on the top of this list. In today’s world sex is mostly associated with beauty and youth and the sexual needs of the aging baby boomers generation and booming seniors can be easily ignored or even ridiculed. Additionally diseases such as heart problems, arthritis and the side effects of medication can greatly hamper the ability for male aging boomers to enjoy and pursue their sexuality. But it is the human instinct to think about sex and it is absolutely normal to be interested in sex during the aging boomer years and throughout the lifespan. The statistics from a meta analysis of numerous psychological articles on the topic depicts that 87% of men and 89% of women in a marital relationship within the age group of 60 to 64 are sexually active. The percentage declines above the ages of 65; still figures show that 29% of men and 25% of women are still sexually active at the age of 80.

Due to the physiological changes in the body, some male retirement boomers have to rely on supplemental enhancements in order to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. The most famous of these treatments is Viagra. Viagra is considered to be a relatively safe medication if properly administered and if the male limits alcohol consumption, and psychological articles have overwhelming informed us that it is effective in helping men with the elderly problem of erectile dysfunction. (i.e., ED)

However please listen up boomer men. Sex is not all about having intercourse! What many baby boomer women want males to understand is that intercourse is just part of the experience called sex; and there are many things boomers with elderly problems related to sex can try, without the help of Viagra, to keep a spark in a relationship. The following are some simple and simply wonderful tips that can really spice up the sexual experience.

1. There are at least 101 positions of intimacy, so try different positions.

2. Have sex at different times of the day will help prevent sex from becoming a boring routine. Many men enjoy having morning sex and many baby boomer women will be happy to comply; but don’t limit sexual activity to any one constant time of day.

3. Spending time on foreplay can give maximum stimulation; foreplay will take you to new heights of ecstasy.

4. Overall a healthy life style and diet is the key to enjoying a full life. Regular exercise and adding plenty of liquids to your daily routine will do the trick. Limiting alcohol consumption and not smoking cigarettes is highly recommended.

5. Be thoughtful out of the bedroom. By paying attention to your partner, your partner will want to reciprocate.

The majority of psychological articles conclude that a combination of Viagra and a healthy lifestyle can help you overcome many cases of erectile dysfunction due to elderly problems many, if not most, retirement boomers face as a result of ageing and illness.

We at Boomer Yearbook believe that boomers are going to continue to figure out ways to keep ourselves sexually fulfilled. We’d love to hear what you think.

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