Karen Turner PHD | Do You Bake Lots of Goodies for the Holidays?
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Do You Bake Lots of Goodies for the Holidays?

Do You Bake Lots of Goodies for the Holidays?

Do You Bake Lots of Goodies for the Holidays?

Do You Bake Lots of Goodies for the Holidays?

by BoomerYearbook.com

Personally, I am not one who bakes at anytime of the year. However, I have many very talented friends that bake all the time, especially at the holidays. Therefore, I get to enjoy this great holiday tradition, either through helping them bake, or through eating the goodies…my favorite part.

Baking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy, from Grandpa to the youngest Grandchild.

Picture this:

Grandpa carries in all the bags from the car, which hold all the ingredients you will need.

Grandma gets all the measuring situated that will be needed for each treat.

Mom gathers the bowls, spoons, and other “accessories”.

The children help to mix each item together to begin the magic.

Dad carefully places the scoops of treats onto the cookie sheet.

Grandma then places them into the oven.

The children anxiously watch the miracle of these various ingredients turning into yummy morsels of goodness.

Grandpa removes them from the oven when they are done.

Mom carefully removes them once they are cooled and places a few on each persons plate.

Dad pours everyone a glass of milk.

Finally, the real fun begins and the entire family sits down to watch holiday movies on the television as they enjoy the yummy treats that they all helped to make.

What a great plan! Want to chime in? Have your own Holiday experiences to share?

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