Karen Turner PHD | Does Barack Obama Think Baby Boomers Deserve Health Care?
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Does Barack Obama Think Baby Boomers Deserve Health Care?

Does Barack Obama Think Baby Boomers Deserve Health Care?

Obama holds the changing face of the American Health Care System in his hand

Obama holds the changing face of the American Health Care System in his hand

By Boomeryearbook.com

The debate whether President Obama considers baby boomers as deserving of the same crack at being healthy as any other citizen is one that is constantly under scrutiny at a time when the country’s health service is being radically and urgently overhauled.

The health question is one that Obama has showcased on his own website (www.barackobama.com) where an entire page is dedicated to the problems of the present systems and their possible solutions, although a summary of the information offered is cursory to say the least and is condensed into just 130 words. Not much verbiage to describe one of the weightiest issues facing America today!

Considerably more space, however, is dedicated to banners urging the reader to ‘DONATE NOW’ and even more lineage, emblazoned with Obama-esque red, white and blue logos, to encouraging budding campaigners to ‘fundraise’ and ‘support’. Support what, exactly, we might ask?

The current Rasmussan and Gallop polls are showing that manybaby boomers responsible for a considerable level of campaign support for Mr Obama in the run up to his victorious election as first African American US President are beginning to feel uncomfortable prickles of doubt. Obama’s health proposals unveil little that will be of any benefit to America’s aging baby boomer population, other than a negligible gift in the form of prescription price reduction, hyped as a massive bonus but in reality little more than a provision to smooth over the ruffled feathers of the elderly problems of the older yet electoral active seniors.

While controversial, it may be that some of the several million currently uninsured Americans may gain health care as a result of Mr Obama’s reforms. However, as a result of restructuring through the Stimulus Package, a significant number of Health Sector employees stand to lose their jobs in our country with its worrying escalation of unemployment; projected to reach 10.0% by the Fall. The job casualties will include a great number of hard working baby boomers. Those predicted to reap the most benefit from the new health package are, predictably, those who have not contributed to the capital required to fund it.

The pressure applied by Obama’s Administration to race the decision for reform through government at any cost carries a series of dark and forbidding omens for those citizens reaching the stage where Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism and other elderly problems might impose an agonizing old age as a result of being ineligible for early treatment.

In European and Canadian health services, such diseases are known to progress at a savage rate as patients are consistently the victims of lengthy waiting lists of nine months or more… It is also possible under some European health systems to be ‘de-listed’ as a poor prospect for recovery (due to drinking, obesity, excessive smoking etc) and denied treatment, despite the individual having contributed to their health service all their working lives – rather like the proposed and risky system of ‘Federal’ responsibility for determining who might qualify as a ‘meaningful user’.

An early death from age-related disease, with symptoms that might so easily have been treated in the early stages to slow down progression: is this what America has in store for baby boomers?

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