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Dreaming of Celebrities

Dreaming of Celebrities

How pyschological articles interpret celebrity dreams

How pyschological articles interpret celebrity dreams

By Boomeryearbook.com

Some of us have gone to bed on what seemed like a totally normal night only to dream about someone famous that we don’t even know in waking life. That’s crazy, right? Why would you dream about a celebrity when you know nothing about their lifestyle or true nature? Well, it happens and it happens more often than you might think.

There are several reasons a celebrity might appear in your dreams. Sometimes the person is there to symbolize what you wish you were, want to become, or a lifestyle you would like to attain; (i.e. called a wish fulfillment dream in psychological articles). Many people wish and day dream about being famous or about knowing someone famous. Psychological articles and research suggest we frequently take this desirous wish one step further and have it fulfilled in our nighttime reveries.

Alternately, psychological articles have informed us that the famous person may be there to represent a certain hidden part of your psyche, what the famous psychologist Jung would call the “shadow” aspect of your personality. The conscious mind finds the “shadow” parts unacceptable and thus they seek outlet in the subconscious recesses of your dream imagery. For instance, you might dream about partying with someone that has been in the media a lot lately for too much party behavior; thus having the celebrity represent a shadow component. On the other hand, you might also dream about becoming best friends with a celebrity that you idolize or have always wanted to meet. This type of dream might be simple “wish fulfillment”; your dream is satisfying your desire to either become or befriend someone of celebrity status.

Another psychological theory about celebrity dreams is that a person who dreams about a celebrity is expecting a big turning point in their waking life. Psychological articles, tell us that in this type of dream the celebrity symbolizes the excitement and eagerness of it all. It could be a new relationship or a big move, a new job even–anything that is a major change for the future of the dreamer.

Lastly, a celebrity could represent some “real” person in your waking life; not necessarily even a high A list superstar. The “celebrity character” may in fact be left over “day residue” from a random actor or actress you saw on a television show, and subconsciously reminded you of someone with whom you really do interact. In this case, the psychological articles suggest that the characteristics of the role “the celebrity” plays represents some aspect of your real life acquaintance.

It may seem strange to wake up and remember that the person in your dream was not really the person it was supposed to be. Yet, next time you dream about a famous person, we at Boomer Yearbook want you to know that it is not such a strange thing at all.

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