Karen Turner PHD | Dreams of Unknown Children
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Dreams of Unknown Children

Dreams of Unknown Children

If you see an unknown child in your dreams ask:How old are you?

If you see an unknown child in your dreams ask: How old are you?

How old are you?

By Boomeryearbook.com

Every now and then people report dreams of a baby or a child that they have never seen before. Although it is not as common as some other symbolisms reported in dreams, it does occur. And if someone asks you, you can probably remember the age of the child, maybe even the exact age, even though you claim to have never seen that child before in waking life.

Jane Teresa Anderson wrote a psychological article on her dream site suggesting that in order to find out what the unknown baby or child might represent, begin by asking yourself “how old was the dream child”. However, she stresses not to take a long time answering this simple question but, to go with your gut instinct and give the first answer that comes to mind. According to Anderson, the age of the child represents how long ago in the past something in your life occurred that caused you to dream. She claims that if you try it, you will find it to be an “amazingly accurate indicator”.

Your next step is to ask yourself what was happening to the child in your dream. Was it hurt or lost? Did the child lose something or was the child scared? Once you find out what the child was doing, you can then ask yourself how that applies to your life. Let’s say you identified the child as scared and feeling lost. She was 6 months old. You then realize that six months ago you lost someone you cared deeply about and have been feeling lost without that person.

The preponderance of psychological articles on dream interpretation report that most dreams correlate to real life experiences or emotions. Usually they simply translate the events of the day (i.e., Freud’s Day Residue), into the symbolic imagery experienced as a dream. However, dreams can also be reflective of “unresolved” past life events. Psychological articles tell us that oftentimes, we humans try our best to suppress our conflicted or traumatic emotional responses, not wanting to face or deal with them. One side effect of this emotional denial is to have our dreams be our “alarm signal” (Gayle Delaney), as the dreaming mind will free the reigns of denial and allow or even force us to confront whatever it is that we have been trying to push out of conscious awareness.

Our best advice at Boomer Yearbook is not to fight it. See if you can figure out the root emotional cause of your dreams and what the dream represents to you. You might find yourself more at peace both in your waking and dreaming life.

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