Karen Turner PHD | Echo Boomers: Who are they?
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Echo Boomers: Who are they?

Echo Boomers: Who are they?

Echo Boomers: Who are they?

Now that most of the Baby Boomers are heading for retirement, a new generation is taking place – the Echo Boomers.

Why “echo boomers”? Born after the Baby Boomer era, the year 1977-1984 have been dominated by children of baby boomers. Thus the term “echo” – this signifies reflection of the boomers’ culture, beliefs and attitudes. Also known as Generation Y ( after baby boomers who were known as Generation X), the Echo Boomers are gradually setting an impact on the entire segment of the economy and society. It is predicted that they will become the next dominant generation in America as boomers age.

Echo Boomers have usually been regarded as “overachievers” and “over managed”. It isn’t a wonder why they ended up that way as since they were still kids, their parents – the boomers – have pampered them and taught them well, giving them the needed structure for psychosocial growth and development. To return the favor and please their parents, Echo Boomers based their actions on what their parents tell them to do.

Although deprived of riding a bike without a helmet, eating at a cafeteria that serves peanut butter, staying home during a recital, or riding a car without wearing a seatbelt, echo boomers have turned out to be special. They have become followers of rules, conventional individuals who hold traditional values. And although diversity is dominant in this generation, they respect differences and believe everyone should be part of the community.

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