Karen Turner PHD | Effect of After-Image and Online Optical Illusion
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Effect of After-Image and Online Optical Illusion

Effect of After-Image and Online Optical Illusion

Psychological Article Explaining After-Image in Online Optical Illusions

By Boomeryearbook.com

Online optical illusions result from varying artificially constructed factors as well as resulting from imperfections in the optical system. One of these features that contributes to the development of online optical illusions is the after-image effect. Psychological articles explain the ‘After image’ as the effects wherein the eyes continue seeing an object even after you have stopped looking at the object. The after-image effect enables the formation of many magical online optical illusions.

The formation of American flag is a popular online optical illusion incorporating the after-image effect. Take a look at the above picture.

It may be really surprising to find that yes, this online optical illusion will create the American Flag. We’ll show you how this happens utilizing after-images to create the red white and blue impression of the American flag.

Where is the American Flag?

The American flag is right here, in this online optical illusion. Fix your sight at the border between the yellow box and the strips in this image for about 20 seconds. If you still do not see the American flag, shift your vision to a white surface. You will find the American flag there, with red and white strips and white stars in a blue rectangle. It appears as an after-image of the original flag. Ok, baby boomers. We think you’ll agree this is a really a cool online optical illusion and we’re happy to use this psychological article to explain how this works.

Why did the color changed in the after-image?

In this online optical illusion, the colors change from cyan to red, black to white, and yellow to blue. According to psychological articles, the photoreceptive cells in the retina become less responsive to a particular color as you stare at it for a period of time. When the after-image is formed, the object is projected in the complementary color of the original color. In the current online optical illusion, red, white, and blue are the complementary colors of cyan, black, and yellow respectively. Hence, you see the American flag in the after-image.

Boomer Yearbook has brought you many other online optical illusions such as The “Face of Jesus” and ” Bird and Cage”, online optical illusions based on the after-image effect.

This Psychological Article on Online Optical Illusions is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of out of the ordinary suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems and keep our brains young. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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