Karen Turner PHD | You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! New Hobbies For You
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You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! New Hobbies For You

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! New Hobbies For You

Boomers! Try a new hobby.

Boomers! Try a new hobby.

By Boomeryearbook.com

So you’re finally at the place where you know how to confidently manipulate the world to suit you and your lifestyle. You have your routine down pat, and time management and achieving goals are simple tasks. But, you’re human and you soon grow bored of the routine. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, here are a few things to try:

Learn to Dance: With so many different forms of dance expression, you’re bound to find one you’re a natural at. Latin Dancing, Line Dancing, Modern Dance etc. There are free classes as well as classes you can take from those who are professionally trained. A bonus is that dancing is a cardio workout that is healthy for your heart. Take your inspiration from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and get out there on the dance floor!

Snorkeling: Why wait until your vacation? If you live near the coast, get some gear and go discover a whole new world. A step up from scouring the beach with a metal detector, you will sharpen your swimming skills and widen your knowledge about the underwater world. As you become more experienced, consider volunteering with your local coast guard to help clean up polluted areas of the coast – a cool way to go green.

Learn to Surf: Admit it, you’ve always wanted to! Now’s the time to be one with the waves. If your swimming skills are rusty, then brush up on those first. Get advice about which board would be best suited for your body and your skill level, then shop around for the best price. This is an activity you can get into with friends- group rates are cheaper and you get to learn from each others’ mistakes. Surfing will also tone your body and help to maintain flexibility. Surf’s up dude!

Mountain Biking: If your community has more mountains than beaches, biking through them can be a fun and heart-healthy alternative. You’ll be able to go where you can’t with a car and much farther than if you were on foot. Discovering new and different routes to get around will improve your memory as well as give you safe alternatives if the need ever arises in an emergency. Make sure to invest in a good bike, and be sure to always carry water or some liquid to keep properly hydrated. Some bikes even come equipped with GPS for your safety.

Go Skiing/ Snowboarding: Rather than staying wrapped up inside, get outside and get warm by taking part in an activity that will get your blood pumping. The snow is like the big slide at your playground as a child – scary at first, but it gives you a thrill that you become absolutely addicted to. Hey, if you conquered the slide, what’s stopping you from conquering this? (Plus, the snow gives way more cushion than the grass at the bottom of that slide).

Wellness Activities: If you’re looking for a hobby that will mellow you out and give you better focus then you can try karate, tai chi, yoga etc. They allow you to release stress while pushing your body way beyond where you may have thought it could never go. Revel in your new-found balance and flexibility as well as discipline, improved posture and your positive attitude to perseverance and discipline. You can practice alone, in a group or seek out professionally taught classes.

Whatever hobby you choose, be sure to get professional advice and instructions and to use the proper equipment. Take time to get into the groove, the learning process will be just as fun as doing the actual hobbies. Have fun!
Do you have any other suggestions for ‘out-of-the-box’ activities for your fellow Baby Boomers? Share with us at BoomerYearbook.com.

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