Karen Turner PHD | Exercise for Baby Boomers
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Exercise for Baby Boomers

Exercise for Baby Boomers

Exercise for baby boomers to alleviate elderly problems

Exercise for baby boomers to alleviate elderly problems

Psychological Article on Alleviating Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Ok, so you are an aging baby boomer. Well then, it is exceedingly important to stay fit and healthy; and there’s no need to worry as it’s easy for us baby boomers to look and feel our absolute best. One great way to alleviate the elderly problem of lack of exercise is through the dozens of readily available fitness services. After reviewing psychological articles on the subject, the consensus appears to be that over the age of 50, aging boomers and seniors should concentrate fitness activities on exercises that improve balance, coordination, posture, movement, and flexibility. And the consensus of experts seem to agree that one of the safest ways for aging boomers and seniors to stay fit is through deep water workouts that can help alleviate the elderly problems of being out of shape without stressing joints.

Psychological articles say that many baby boomers prefer low-impact forms of exercises which do not involve high levels of exertion and provide beneficial results without negative effects. Foremost among such activities is walking and swimming or water aerobics. Adhering to an exercise routine is of the utmost importance in both elderly problemsof disease prevention and recovery. Aging boomers and seniors can easily have their lives restricted and marred by back pain, arthritis, poor circulation, heart ailments, diabetes, and orthopedic conditions; hence water exercises are a great solution as they benefit the body without harming joints. Keeping fit and agile can also ensure a speedy recovery from elderly problems of injuries, accidents, and surgeries.

Psychological articles reveal that group activities and sports such as bowling, volleyball, and golf have added benefits in decreasing elderly problems as they provide both physical activity as well as socialization outlets. Another baby boomer favorite that is great for keeping fit are cardiovascular workouts which help burn fat and keep the heart strong and healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight through cardiovascular workouts will help decrease manyelderly problems by lowering cholesterol and cleaning the body of unhealthy arterial plaque.

Strength training is another baby boomer and senior fitness must, as it builds muscle mass and improves bones, thus reducing the elderly problems of osteoporosis. Here are a few exercise tips from which baby boomers and seniors can benefit:

1. First, always remember to seek the advice of your health care practitioner before beginning any exercise program.
2. Always warm up and stretch before working out as cold muscles can be easily injured causing other elderly problems.
3. Keep a regular exercise time, and don’t overdo it. Remember that baby boomers and seniors can benefit from simple routines such as walking a dog, working in the garden, or parking the car far from the supermarket and walking to the store.
4. Purchase good exercise equipment, and before embarking on a new sport, take a lesson. Proper training or lessons prevent the chances of injuries, stress fractures and other potential elderly problems. This includes replacing worn out treads, sneakers or other old equipment.
5. Aging and elderly problems reduce agility and flexibility. Therefore it is best to modify physical activity to accommodate the specific needs of your body.
6. Always graduallyincrease the level of your physical activity. A good rule of thumb is to increase intensity approximately 10% per week to prevent injuries and other elderly problems., and add new exercises carefully.
7. Have a balanced fitness program with multiple exercises meeting the needs of your body.

Physical fitness is essential to prevent and fight against elderly problems, therefore investing in an effective fitness program can provide great benefits for baby boomers and booming seniors.

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