Karen Turner PHD | Favorite boomers flicks: new and old
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Favorite boomers flicks: new and old

Favorite boomers flicks: new and old

Natalie Wood in West Side Story

Natalie Wood in West Side Story

By Boomeryearbook.com

I love going to the movies, I love watching movies at home, I love my DVD collection … I just can’t get enough of movies! There’s nothing like curling up with a good book, but by the same token there’s nothing like a good movie and some popcorn. I grew up watching movies, and like most baby boomers, I remember it being an all day affair as it was never just one flick but always two. The boomer generation wasn’t all about rock and roll or hippies, we managed to fit in a few movies too! We were theater goers, but with increasing technology, many of the baby boomer generation are perfectly content to watch DVDs at home.

Here’s a list and a line or two about some great movies from our time: the boomer generations time. And some movies that are recent releases.

Shirley Valentine: This movie was actually based on a play. An unhappy wife was going through a mid life crisis when a holiday in Greece changed and refreshed her in more ways than one. I loved it.

West Side Story: The film released in 1961 and it wasn’t just another spin off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; we remembered it. The songs were amazing, and while watching the movie might not be as great as seeing the play, I’d definitely count it as an all time favorite of the boomer generation. Wasn’t Natalie Wood just breathtaking?!

Dr Zhivago is another favorite of the boomer generation. (So far all the movies listed were either books or plays before being adapted to the big screen … hmm interesting) Anyway, this epic romance/war movie starred a gorgeous Omar Sharif in the lead role and an equally gorgeous Julie Christie. The film was released in 1965.

GREASE (Yes, originally a play). Do I need to explain this movie? Everybody, not only the boomer generation loved this movie. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta set the screen on fire.

The boomer generation has adapted rather well to today’s life. Really, it takes a great effort on our part to tolerate and digest some of the stuff our children and grandchildren watch and some stuff that is ostensible stimulating adult cinema.

However, we were fortunate as this past year turned out quite a few good movies. “Slumdog Millionaire” has been making waves ever since it was released. I think the movie is ageless and particularly relevant for those of the boomer generation in the sense that we grew up in a prosperous time and yet, so many years of ‘development’ later there are still those who don’t have what we had decades ago. While I thought the actors were impeccably played, I found the movie “Revolutionary Road” (another movie adapted from a novel), set in the post war, pre-Abortion era, a little slow and being one of millions of baby boomer women, I personally couldn’t relate to the world “prior” to the right to choose.

Do you have favorite flick; old or new? Come share your thoughts with others at Boomeryearbook.

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