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First Pets

First Pets

First Pets

First Pets

by Becky for BoomerYearbook.com

First pets are like first loves, they always hold a special place in your heart.

My first pet was a dog named Misty. I was 5 years old. Misty was part Collie, and part Doberman. She was the sweetest and most beautiful dog in the world. She was mainly black but had brown paws, and some patches of brown on her tail and on her face just above her nose, as well as some brown on her ears. Misty was only 9 months old when we got her. I remember going with my sisters to take her for walks. We would play catch outside in the backyard and she would run all over the place with the ball still in her mouth, just to make me chase her. I swear this was her favorite game.

Misty took to the whole family, but she was especially close with my Grandma. She would sleep on the floor next to my grandma’s side of the bed, and if Grandma moved even to roll over on her other side, Misty would lift her head up to make sure Grandma was alright. One time Grandma went away for 2 weeks to Michigan, and we weren’t sure Misty was going to make it while she was gone. Misty lay at the top of the stairs the entire time, hardly eating, and only moving to go outside to potty. She wouldn’t play as she missed Grandma so much.

A few years after we got Misty, I did get another pet, a parakeet. I never thought Misty bonded with me like she did Grandma, but once I got the parakeet (his name was Pudgy) Misty showed definite signs of jealousy. I didn’t keep Pudgy for long, as I saw that it upset my first love, Misty.

Sadly when I was 18, Misty became ill and she had to be put to sleep. The vet said there was nothing more they could do for her, and the most humane thing was to put her out of her misery. I never cried so hard in my life, but I knew she was going to a better place.

Now, being a mother, I have been able to see the excitement on my son’s face, and watch the bond between him and his first pet, Buddy (a parakeet) grow stronger everyday. I know someday he will look back and remember Buddy the way that I remember Misty.

Do you remember your first pet? What was his/her name? What kind of pet did you have? Take a walk down memory lane and share your story over at www.boomeryearbook.com

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