Karen Turner PHD | Generation Gap or Technology Gap?
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Generation Gap or Technology Gap?

Generation Gap or Technology Gap?

Are Baby Boomers experiencing a Technology Gap?

Are Baby Boomers experiencing a Technology Gap?

Psychological Article on Elderly Problems of Baby Boomers

By Boomeryearbook.com

The present day technological boom has brought a generational gap between the aging baby boomers and the younger generations. Psychological articles tell us that the techno revolution is in great part responsible for today’s age related generational schism, as technological advances have caused a shift in the communication styles, mores and values of the younger generation. If you are a baby boomer troubled by the setbacks of aging and the inability to manipulate the technology as well as do the young, then you may be a victim of an elderly problem caused by the technology gap. Let’s face it boomers. Many of us haven’t even mastered our multi faceted remote controls and it’s easy to understand why we may be intimidated if we can’t read the letters on our cell phone in order to speed text our bff’s.

Psychological articles have equated the technology gap as being synonymous to the generation gap because elderly boomers find themselves unsettled by the dependence of the younger generation on technological applications found on cell phones, I pods, laptops, and the internet. But, baby boomers, comprising the largest single segment of the population, find being “out of touch” quite uncomfortable, and in some cases, this leads to elderly problems.

Baby Boomers are oftentimes unpleasantly surprised by the ability of the younger generation to comfortably display personal information on the very public internet. What is fun and entertaining for our children and grandkids seems out and out weird to us baby boomers. Using electronic communication and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Skype and You Tube, the younger generations, unlike most boomers, do indeed seem addicted to these electronic, non human, technological services.

However, it is incorrect to assume that baby boomers are not deriving benefits from these technological advances. In fact boomers are using the internet, but mostly for different purposes than the younger generation. Baby boomers are known to close beneficial online deals, obtain useful information through online searches, benefit from banking and indulge in shopping. And boomers take heart as these activities are effective in minimizing elderly problems, and enriching our lives.

Some boomers fear that since the young are spending maximum hours using their electronic communication gadgets, that they might be comparatively better informed on global or social issues. Psychological articles even suggest that the feeling of being out of step with advanced technology can cause elderly problems of feeling isolated and left out. However, this is one elderly problem that is easy to fix. Boomers simply need to spend a little time availing ourselves of the new technology and realize that it has many benefits to the baby boomer generation.

Similar to the younger generation, technology can fulfill many many boomer needs, such as shopping for better rates and highly rated products, enjoying online banking services, benefiting from knowledgeable, “at hand” internet resources, and using technology to enhance your work skills and performance.

As stated, the internet can also be a great source for Baby Boomers to find effective solutions to elderly problems such as health and fitness tips, online medical and mental health answers, online social clubs, blogs that provide interesting, readily available access to daily social facts and opinions, and online fun and optical illusions and games to ward off senior moments and elderly problems.

So boomers! Let’s bridge the technology gap and get involved in the global community.

Boomer Yearbook is Informational Psychological Articles for Baby Boomers. Connect with old and new friends, or expand your mind and ward off senior moments and elderly problems with dream analysis and online optical illusions and brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join other Baby Boomers to stay informed, receive weekly Newsfeeds, and let your opinions be heard. Baby boomers changed the world. We’re not done yet!


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