Karen Turner PHD | Great News For Baby Boomers: Hair Cloning Is On Its Way!!
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Great News For Baby Boomers: Hair Cloning Is On Its Way!!

Great News For Baby Boomers: Hair Cloning Is On Its Way!!

By Boomeryearbook.com


Losing one’s hair can happen at any age; however, as one grows older the odds are greatly increased. There are men who may like the fact that they have little to no hair; but women and many men who suffer from thinning hair loss may long for the days when they had nice thick locks that they can run their fingers through. They might have tried all the hair treatment products available on the market and found them to be ineffective and expensive. But hold on Boomers; as on the horizon appears to be a successful new hair loss solution!

A team of British researchers, located in Manchester, have worked tirelessly on improving the technique of hair cloning – officially called ‘follicular cell implantation.’ The procedure involves taking any remaining strands of hair on a person’s head and cloning it in a laboratory. This basically means that they take a hair sample and produce at least 100 hairs. They are multiplied in a Petri dish and then transplanted onto a bald spot on the person’s head. They have tested their methods on humans and found the results inspiring. The research results are so encouraging that it has led the British government to provide financial support to the tune of 1.9 billion pounds!

The scientists presented their latest findings (Phase II of their trials) at a conference in Rome in 2008. They found that the method used worked on 66 percent of the test subjects after a period of six months and 80 percent if they stimulated their scalps as a way of encouraging their hair to grow.

This exciting news has researchers in the USA, Italy and Japan also looking at the possibilities of hair cloning. Each country is vying to be the first to bring this technique to the bald or balding person. The reason: The country that does stands to make a whole lot of money from all the people who will be lined up to undergo the procedure and regain their youthful looks.

The British team says it expects to have the procedure available to the masses within five years. They are convinced that they are far ahead of the other countries and will win the race. Theirs is seen as being faster than and not as invasive as hair transplant procedures of today. Their study is 48 weeks long and they will share the full details of the results in 2009.

Baby Boomers who would like to regain their hair of the past should start saving for what is expected to be a very expensive procedure. Ah! The price we are willing to pay for keeping up our appearances…..

We at BoomerYearbook.com are very excited at the prospect of having an effective option to baldness or thinning hair, how about you? Share with us.

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