Karen Turner PHD | Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us Baby Boomers
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us Baby Boomers

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of us Baby Boomers

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

By Boomeryearbook.com

As the day nears there are many who are pro and against Valentine’s Day. But, I just say this to everybody, there’s nothing wrong with a day of extra special lovin’! I’m a woman whose statistics classify as part of the baby boomer generation. I’m hmm, a mature woman of a certain age. Yet, while age has a number, a state of mind is ephemeral. You are truly as young or as old as you feel. Obviously, your state of mind has positive correlations to age, you hopefully become more mature and more composed. But, that doesn’t mean you become dull. All you baby boomer women out there, have no shame in looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

In the past few years the baby boomer generation has possibly been sending more V Day cards to their grandchildren and relatives, and not their loved ones. Maybe they’re single, or maybe they’ve just been married so long they just don’t bother. Many single individuals of the baby boomer generation complain that most everyone their age is already in a committed relationship. Well, that is simply not true. You’d be surprised how many “single” people you can find that ‘are of your time’. Some people grumble about networking sites or V Day parties for singles above 50 … they call it unfair classification. Look, if you’re single and above 50, you’re single and above 50 … what’s wrong with that!

This weekend please forget all your anti V Day principles and inhibitions (well not ALL!) and do something special for a loved one. For the baby boomer generation I have good news. There are so many websites and other information outlets about gift ideas and romance.

What do you buy a fellow baby boomer for V Day?

I think gift baskets are a great idea. Buy stuff that will remind you of the 60s and 70s. Remember those tie dyed shirts and slinkies? Remember “Leave it to Beaver” and silly putty? Remember Tootsie Rolls and peace necklaces? You get the idea. Find things relative to the baby boomer generation. Dig in your stuff and pull out things from the past. Wipe off that dust and sit down with a loved one and reminisce. Baby boomer women; this can be with your loved one or your best girlfriend.

Another thing that most everybody, young and old, from or not from the baby boomer generation, likes is gift certificates. I go crazy for spa gift certificates. There’s nothing like a great day at the spa. While that may seem too exotic for you, give it a try, it’s so relaxing. If spas aren’t your thing then that is just fine. All women out there who don’t know what to buy their baby boomer men: offer to have all of their music updated to CDs or to MP3 format. Trust me, they’ll never do it themselves and it makes for a great, if not very romantic, gesture.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Baby Boomers. Cheers to us!

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