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Healing Through Dance

Healing Through Dance

Health Benefits of Dancing

Health Benefits of Dancing

By Boomeryearbook.com

As psychological articles tell us, “Life is a mixed bag”; with the good and the bad fluctuating and co-existing. Keeping this adage in mind, psychological research supports that the measure of a man or woman is the ability to make the most of the good moments and try to courageously deal with life’s tough times. However, while sounding good on paper, it is oftentimes difficult to effectively deal with many of life’s hard-hitting experiences, and traumas (emotional and physical) can have detrimental somatic effects, such as physical aches and pains, joint inflammation, infertility, insomnia, lowered immune responses and debilitating anxiety and depressive reactions. Some of the minor illnesses like headaches, and colds, can be helped through adhering to a healthy diet supplemented with vitamins and minerals. And astoundingly the psychological articles have revealed that physical conditions such as pinched nerves or carpal tunnel syndrome have a surprising and delightfully enjoyable remedy; Dancing.

Surprised? Can’t blame you. It is quite astonishing that something so pleasurable can indeed heal such physical maladies that would otherwise require extensive medical treatment. To understand better how dancing can help in curing certain ailments of the mind and the body, we at Boomer Yearbook, the website for baby boomers, have put together some of the possibilities:

1. Dancing requires a certain amount of focus. In order to get the steps right, we have to clear our minds and concentrate on what we are doing. In reviewing the psychological articles on the subject, Boomer Yearbook, website for baby boomers, uncovered that dancing is an excellent way to put the stresses of our daily lives behind us and let our mind go on a vacation.
2. Psychological articles have overwhelming concluded that certain sounds have incredible healing qualities. As we dance, our senses synergistically harmonize the sound of the music with our dance movements; thus allowing our psyche to absorb the healing character of the music. Ah, music can indeed soothe the savage beast.
3. At Boomer Yearbook, the website for the baby boomers, we discovered that psychological articles have confirmed that there are certain physical moves that encourage our brain to create new sensors that connect with the music and help us perform the dance steps. Boomers! Listen up. Dancing to certain music can help make our brains stronger and create a stronger mind body connection. Wow!
4. As reported in psychological articles, regular exercise provides a stimulus to our immune system tweaking our bodies and minds. Most forms of dancing involve some very quick moves and these further increase the health benefits we derive.
5. Boomer Yearbook, social networking website for baby boomers, further discovered that many forms of dance art, such as belly dancing, involves the use of body parts that usually don’t receive much exercise, For example, Belly Dancing is particularly good for the hips, lower back, shoulders and arms.
6. Eastern beliefs have also noted that many forms of dance assist our bodies in tuning up our chakras and making them more balanced.

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned for Boomer Yearbook’s upcoming series on the healing benefits of various dance forms.

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