Karen Turner PHD | Health and negativity- How negative emotions harm your health?
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Health and negativity- How negative emotions harm your health?

Health and negativity- How negative emotions harm your health?

Health and negativity- How negative emotions harm your health?

Health and negativity- How negative emotions harm your health?

by BoomerYearbook.com

Our negative thoughts can wreck havoc on our physical and mental health. While the effects on our mental health are obvious, most of us ignore or do not understand how negativity takes a toll on our physical well being. We all know that negative emotions add to our stress levels, we are also aware of the fact the prolonged anxiety and stress can lead to heart diseases and many psychological problems, but what we don’t understand or are perhaps unaware of is the fact that negative emotions have physical manifestations on our health! Feelings like anger, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy etc can not only trigger aches, pains, or illness in the body but can also hamper our recovery.

To be able to understand how our negative emotions affect our health we need to be aware of the symbolism of our bodies. For instance our face symbolizes our outer appearance i.e. what we show to the world, any problem with the face would mean that we hold negative thoughts about how the world perceives us. Similarly our eyes represent our ability to see and perceive, a problem; poor vision may mean that we are stopping ourselves from acknowledging the truth or seeing things as they really are.

The following are some simple examples which illustrate how our negative feelings may be affecting our health:

· When we do not express ourselves freely or are unable to stand up for ourselves it may affect the throat. The throat represents our ability to speak up. Any stifling of self-expression, creativity or our feelings can lead to problems like tonsillitis and sore throat. When the inability to express oneself is combined with bottled up anger it can lead to even more serious throat problems like laryngitis.

· Our hearts symbolize our ability to love; heart problems could therefore be the result of holding yourself back from expressing love, self-loathing, negative self-talk and thinking, feeling you do not deserve to love or to be loved, resentment and hatred.

· Our backs ‘support’ our bodies, any problems with the back could mean feeling scattered, fearing over-burdened with problems or fearing that life may not support you. A problem with the upper back could be related to stress or feeling your loved ones are not supporting you and lower back problems could be related to financial worries (feeling “unsupported” financially).

· Our stomachs symbolize our ability to digest and assimilate. When you can’t accept (digest) a new idea or experience, your stomach may show symptoms. Indigestion problems could be related to not accepting change, new ideas, situations, or people in your life.

Using these examples as guidelines can help to understand the symbolic meaning of every body part. Once we understand this symbolism we can probe deeper into every illness and see if it’s cause lies somewhere in our thought process or if our thinking pattern is in any way hampering our recovery.

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