Karen Turner PHD | Healthy Eating for Preventing and Solving Elderly Problems
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Healthy Eating for Preventing and Solving Elderly Problems

Healthy Eating for Preventing and Solving Elderly Problems

Healthy Foods to Prevent Elderly Problems

Healthy Foods to Prevent Elderly Problems

Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Improvements in medicine, science and healthcare have enabled today’s citizens to live a longer healthier life. The elderly want to retain an independent, active lifestyle and society wants to reduce the economic costs associated with the elderly problems of chronic disease and age related disability. The science of aging suggests that these elderly problems can be overcome in a great way by healthy eating.

Though healthy eating is a smart lifestyle choice for all ages it is almost essential to the well being of us aging boomers. As psychological articles explain there are a number of reasons for this, the prime ones being that as our body’s age we experience a weakening of muscle tone and increases in arthritic related conditions and bone loss. A number of basic health tips can promote healthy living and are recommended to young as well as the aging boomers.


As we age, one of the most common elderly problems encountered is the body’s reduced ability to retain water. To avoid dehydration we at Boomer Yearbook, the social network website for baby boomers, recommend that you daily drink 6 glasses of water per 100 pounds of weight.


Elderly people have a lot less energy than a young person and need to supplement their daily diets with high protein, low fat foods to avoid the elderly problems of low energy levels and muscle wasting.

Carbohydrate and Fiber

Eating foods high in carbohydrates and fibers helps regulate bowel movement and prevents chronic constipation and associated diseases.


Though not entirely removed from the diet, aging boomers should reduce their processed fat intake and substitute olive oil and omega fats. Alternate cooking techniques can lessen the fat content and help avoid the elderly problems of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.


As we age, we also exhibit a decrease in the body’s reserves of iron. Aging boomers should not use iron supplements, particularly not menopausal baby boomer women, unless instructed by their doctors to do so, but the aging boomer generation should eat three servings or iron rich food such as liver per week to help strengthen the body.


As we age, our bodies lessen in our ability to retain zinc. Therefore, aging boomers should supplement our diets with chicken, liver, and tuna as they provide excellent natural sources of this needed mineral.


Since bone density decreases with age, having a source of calcium or a supplement is highly recommended in order to avoid the elderly problems of osteoporosis (especially women) and fractures due to bone weakening.

Vitamin B12

Psychological articles have reported that deficiencies of the vitamin Cobalamin is linked to memory loss, a frequent elderly problem found in 90% of the elderly population! The vitamin is naturally found in mollusks and clams and is also present, though to a lesser degree in liver.

Healthy eating now is a smart choice as caring for oneself in the present, can prevent many future elderly problems.

That’s what we at BoomerYearbook believe. What do you think?
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