Karen Turner PHD | How to cheer yourself up?
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How to cheer yourself up?

How to cheer yourself up?

How to cheer yourself up?

How to cheer yourself up?

by BoomerYearbook.com

When blues chase away every color from your life and the merest hint of smile evades you, you desperately need some “happiness tools”! You may be wondering what are these “happiness tools”, well they are simply some do it yourself techniques to bring those bright colors and smiles back into your life!

Try using the following “happiness tools” whenever you need to cheer yourself up:

*Exercise or yoga: When you exercise “feel good chemicals” called endorphins are released in your body. Endorphins induce a feeling of euphoria and change your mood from sad and dark to happy and bright!

*Writing down your blessings- No! It’s not like one of those school punishments where you had to write a hundred times that you would never repeat a mistake again. Penning down your blessings is in fact an enjoyable exercise! When you start counting your blessings it takes your mind away from what you don’t have and focusing on what’s right in your life; changing pessimism into optimism, dread into anticipation.

*Prayer- Remember when you were a child, how comforting it was to know that your parents would take care of your problems. When you pray you become like that child again. Placing your trust and faith in the almighty can help you feel better about any situation. Moreover, every place of worship is infused with positive energy; therefore just visiting can have calming effect on the mind.

*Children- Ever noticed how your face breaks into a smile when you hear a child’s innocent laughter? Or how you can’t stop chuckling when you listen to a child’s far-fetched stories? Children can be the most entertaining companions and the greatest teachers. Your worries disappear into thin air when you become a part of a child’s wonderful world! When you see life from a child’s eyes, it suddenly seems more beautiful! With their disarming innocence children teach us how to live in the moment, how to look for a miracle in everything and most of all how to be happy. Children never fret about what they’ve lost, they may cry over a broken toy or a physical hurt for a few moments and then move on, children are unaware of the concept of ego, they therefore forgive and forget! Even if you don’t have any children, visit a park and observe little children busy in their innocent games; it will cheer you up within minutes!

*Sleep- The clichéd phrase “sleep on it” actually makes a lot of sense! Sleeping gives you a welcome break from stress. You are aware of your blue mood when you are awake, sleeping helps you forget (at least for the time being) the reason for your sorrow. Moreover, sometimes sleeping on a problem actually helps you put it in perspective.

*Take a bath-Water can cleanse not only your body but also your mind. A few drops of essential oils like lavender or sandalwood will help you wash away your stress along with your dark mood.

*Dance- Dancing your blues away is a great way to de-stress. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good dancer or not, swaying to music is extremely invigorating. It’s an exercise which involves your body, mind and soul. With all three involved in one act, stress can’t do much to distract from the pursuit of happiness.

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