Karen Turner PHD | How to Invigorate Your Life and Eliminate
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How to Invigorate Your Life and Eliminate

How to Invigorate Your Life and Eliminate

Eliminating Elderly Problems

Eliminating Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Life is a unique experience that we all go through just once. We know there is no chance of a replay or rewind. What we have is only today. So live each moment and celebrate life everyday. After all, that is what the baby boomers are known to do best!

We all know how to make a car’s engine perform at its optimum – the right kind of fuel, tuning, service and cleaning the engine of any kind of residue. We not only want our cars to look gleaming, polished and spruced up but we also want our vehicles to give us peak performance, longevity and strength. Well, boomers! Don’t we want the same for our bodies and our lives? – Peak performance, dependability, vigor strength and naturally – optimal looks. But somehow many of us baby boomers fail to be as diligent in applying the same rule to our spirits and bodies. We forget one simple little thing; in order to obtain the best you need to take in the best.

Eat to Live

Almost all religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamans believe in simple eating habits and are against all kinds of excess. The lesser the burden, the easier the journey. The ritual of fasting is observed in all these religions. It’s not like totally giving up or denying the food or the world; it’s just practicing moderation and NOT overindulgence. Since we have been told that the baby boomers are expected to live to be 120 years of age, it seems that many of us boomers are doing a pretty good job of eliminating the elderly problem of unhealthy eating.

Live in the world; not for it.

Food is not the only source of energy. It’s not only what we eat in a day that gives us energy; but it’s all that we absorb – ideas, influences, vibes, sights and sounds. These all combine and form a field of energy around us, which could be both negative and positive.
To help prevent the elderly problem of depression, envelop yourself with positivity – it will not only liven up your mood but will leave a long lasting impression on personality. Remember, we are the baby boomers, the generation that everyone looks up to and wants to emulate.

Eat What Agrees with You

Surround yourself with food, people and activities that make you feel good.
Whenever a relationship leaves you stressed out and drained – it’s not worth keeping. Interact with people who value your presence and brighten up your day.
Job satisfaction holds a very high place in Japanese corporate culture. We, the baby boomers, must understand that a position that doesn’t satisfy our self-esteem and which causes distress is not doing us any good. Live a purposeful life with people who value you.

Sleep on an empty stomach and with clear mind

Sleep brings dreams, and is as important to healthy sustenance as is food. During sleep our body not only unwinds it also prepares to get all charged up for a new day. Sleep allows our immune system to debug, memories become stored, and our organs are recharged and retuned. In order to perform at an optimum level your body requires 6-8 hours of daily sleep.

If you go to bed with a full stomach it can cause indigestion and comfortable sleep will evade you. Our bodies heal and grow while we are sleeping.
A troubled heart or mind won’t let you sleep in peace. If you wake up after nightmares and sleep fitfully – your soul cannot be recharged and reach intuitive levels and the real purpose of sleep in eliminating elderly problemsisn’t achieved. As Charlotte said to Wilbur in the famous children’s story, “Charlotte’s Web”, it’s hard to sleep if you have a full mind.” Make it a rule to go to bed with a clear heart and mind and an empty stomach.

Recognize Your True Hunger

Food can only satisfy the biological needs of the body. On the other hand, food cannot feed our spiritual and emotional requirements. Many people, with us, the baby boomers not being any exception, do stress eating; we try to curb our emotional hunger with food. The results are naturally far from satisfying. For our spiritual requirements we need to indulge in activities and interact with people who enrich us emotionally and spiritually.

Hold your Dream

Eat and think well to live a healthier happier life. The secret to an effective blooming life is how you deal with the options at hand and what you opt for.

How to achieve the fullest out of your life is in your hands, after all it’s your life – your dream, reach out and hold it. Your life is your canvas, paint it with lasting vibrant colors and don’t forget to hope and dream – it’s what keeps us alive.

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