Karen Turner PHD | Keep Aspirin by your Bedside to Treat Heart Attack
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Keep Aspirin by your Bedside to Treat Heart Attack

Keep Aspirin by your Bedside to Treat Heart Attack

Preventing Heart Attack Death: Keep Aspirin by Your Bedside

Psychological Articles on Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Yes, Aspirin saves lives! Keep it in your home always! It can no doubt tame headaches but it can also expand prevent heart disease and save your life if you are having a heart attack. The number of elderly problems of baby boomers surviving a heart attack can increase to 10,000 simply by chewing a 325 mg aspirin tablet at the first sign of chest pain or any other heart attack symptom.

Baby boomers have long been alerted to the fact that heart diseases are a major elderly problems and the thickening of blood that can precipitate an attack must be addressed. If you are unfamiliar with heart attack symptoms please remember these can include chest pain and also an intense pain in the jaw, nausea and excessive sweating. One of the insidious problems with diagnosing a heart attack is that almost all of us are familiar with the symptom of chest pain, but many of us do not realize that this elderly problem has gender specific symptoms as well as symptoms that may be misinterpreted as another elderly problem.

Keeping aspirin at your bedside can avoid a potential fatality if you are having a heart attack as keeping aspirin by your bedside can save your life if the attack occurs while you are in bed or during sleep. It is believed that 60% of baby boomers experiencing the elderly problem of a heart attack do not wake up! However, if you are one of the lucky ones and are awakened by symptoms then you can instantly take two aspirins with a glass of water to survive, or even just chew the aspirin, and call 911 to get yourself to the hospital.

Another major benefit of aspirin in alleviating an elderly problem is that continuing to take aspirin regularly after a stroke or heart attack has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of mortality or having another life threatening episode thus showing that aspirin has both acute as well as long term health benefits. Baby boomers please remember! Aspirin helps overcome elderly problems related to the heart. It prevents blood clotting by interfering with the blood platelet clot formation; making platelets less sticky and thus preventing unhealthy clotting.

Aspirin, a true wonder drug, has been marketed for the last eighty years and has helped save many lives and reduce elderly problems such as reducing prostaglandins, lowering body temperature, reducing and/or eliminating headaches, inflammation and pain.

People have strongly believed that heart diseases are more frequent among men than women. However, this is a fallacy and a heart attack can prove fatal for both genders. It is true that aspirin is not just beneficial for male baby boomers elderly problems as it is equally effective for women. Research has confirmed that this drug can lower the chances of a heart attack by twenty-five percent among women if it is taken one to six times in a week. Therefore, we hope boomers will share this information with all loved ones and help save lives.

The Psychological Article on Keeping Aspirin by Your Bedside to Save Your Life is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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