Karen Turner PHD | Lending a Hand: Baby Boomers Helping Baby Boomers
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Lending a Hand: Baby Boomers Helping Baby Boomers

Lending a Hand: Baby Boomers Helping Baby Boomers

Psychological Articles: Lending a Hand

Psychological Articles: Lending a Hand

Psychological Articles by Boomeryearbook.com

In a world steeped with crises of different kinds, and with more and more persons taking drastic measures to deal with their everyday difficulties, it isn’t too much to ask that we lend a helping hand to those around us. Psychological articles report that suicide rates are going up and persons are sinking deeper and deeper into depression, isolating themselves from those around them. So what is there for you to do? According to a growing body of research in psychological articles, volunteering to help a fellow baby boomer out can go a long way in helping yourself too.

Psychological articles report that we are a generally materialistic society, we place a lot of self-worth and emphasis on what we have and how much of it we have. Now that we have to tighten our wallets and sacrifice a few of our most treasured possessions, the research documented in psychological articles states that some of us tend to be vulnerable to feelings of despair and even desperation. We can’t go out as often or make as many trips to see loved ones and distance seems to be far more of a problem than it was a couple years ago. What, then, are we to do? We can follow the suggestions listed in numerous psychological articles and rally round each other in an effort to offer emotional, social and financial support.

The vast body of evidence in psychological articles informs that volunteering to help a fellow Baby Boomer in need is a perfect way to do this. Being a Baby Boomer yourself, authors in psychological articles espouse that you are able to lock into the needs of the person you are helping and be better able to connect with that person in the way that would be most effective. There are numerous psychological articles that offer ways to do this- whether it is volunteering time to spend with those Baby Boomers that suffer from diseases or disabilities; or teaching a Baby Boomer a skill that you have acquired such as farming or another home-making activity that will help them make their dollar stretch or earn an extra dollar or two. The researchers of psychological articles also urge us to remember that those who went through Hurricane Katrina are particularly vulnerable at this time as well, so if you live in an area where you can reach out to a Katrina victim, then please do so. Psychological articles also suggest that the Internet provides links to different communities of Baby Boomers, making it easy to find the best way to help out in your area.

Some of suggestions propounded in psychological articles include:

Your Local Community Center: psychological articles overwhelming agree that the center offers activities as well as a safe place to just hang out. Often there are collection programs for those in the community who are not as well off. Get to your community center and meet a few Baby Boomers in need or get the contact information for a few and make a few house calls to see how you help out. Writers in psychological articles reveal that sometimes a simple visit is enough to lift spirits even if you don’t have anything tangible to offer yourself.

Your Local Clinic/Hospital: typically, psychological articles explain that statistically Baby Boomers have adult children who work and have their own families, so when they are ailing, they tend to have fewer visitors than someone who lives with their entire family. A Baby Boomer may just need someone to water the plants at their home or feed their cat, read to them or play a board game with them. Be a friend to an ailing Baby Boomer and you’ll brighten their day and yours.

ThePark:Psychological articles inform us that many persons go to the park to escape loneliness. If you’re frequently outdoors yourself, strike up a friendly conversation with a Baby Boomer hanging solo. You may just be surprised to find a new friend.
Another suggestion found in psychological articles it to search for a Baby Boomer community online and volunteer to be a contact person for the website’s aid facility. If this is too extroverted for you- you can start small by simply befriending a Baby Boomer in your neighborhood who is finding it hard to deal with the difficult times.

Can you think of ways to help other Baby Boomers in need at this time? Are you currently involved in any such programs? Share with us at BoomerYearbook.com.

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