Karen Turner PHD | Losing Your Looks – How to Cope with Wrinkles
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Losing Your Looks – How to Cope with Wrinkles

Losing Your Looks – How to Cope with Wrinkles

the wrinkles of time

the wrinkles of time

By Boomeryearbook.com

Hopefully, everybody gets older. As you lurch into your twilight years and notice your ankles are swollen, your joints hurt and you can pinch more than an inch from your waist, the choice is either to face up to the problems you will be experiencing as an aging baby boomer or lie down and die right now and forego living the next twenty (if you’re lucky) or so years.

Well obviously very few (unless they are exceptionally depressed) will choose the latter option. Everybody mourns the loss of youth to a degree, although very few would choose to live their early years over again. Imagine all those late nights walking the floor with the baby; all those agonizing first dates to go through again; going to the dentist again! Aargh! Baby boomers have a comfortable outlook on life most of the time and view their situation with a pragmatic attitude. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to dream about the days when we all had hourglass figures and perfect skin and a fantastic row of white, even teeth.

‘Looks aren’t everything’, we are told, usually by people who are still thirty six and gorgeous. Baby boomers are now in the stages of middle age or older age and experiencing the aches and pains that so often accompany advancing years. The days when they could ride a bicycle down to the store or dance till dawn are fewer and fewer and they find themselves facing a life that is less active and filled with a number of annoyances, not the least of which is fading looks.

That being said, fading looks need not necessarily constitute a bad thing. Women certainly lose the sheen on the hair as it turns to grey but there are some extremely elegant aging boomers or elderly ladies out there, some of whom knock socks off younger models for chic. Women can cruise into their nineties and still display a sharp interest in clothes, cosmetics and the latest beauty treatments and baby boomers show every sign of following the traditions of such women through the generations.

Men are a little less concerned with their looks but it seems to be a question of those that are, really are and those that are not, could not care less. The occasional hair transplant will cause a ripple in the local golf club but the same guy might wear his sandal with black socks and not care what anyone else thinks if he is comfortable!

There is something to be said for growing old gracefully and allowing small changes to take part in your life rather than overturn it. Lower heels are a comfortable transition for tired legs: we remember the joy of stilettos but that doesn’t mean we would buy another pair!

Whether baby boomers are the type to allow their lives to be capsized by the prospect of losing their looks or not, they have to deal with it somehow or resort to surgical intervention to keep the wolves of time from baying at the door.

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