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Marketing to Baby Boomers

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Psychological Article on Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

Baby boomers are the largest, most educated and wealthiest consumer group in America. They are the people born between 1946 and 1964. These people have more disposable income than any other group. The best way to entice them into purchasing your product is by providing comprehensive services that are in keeping with the boomers values and preferences. Purchasing motivators and needs change with advancing age and many baby boomers will seek items that promise to overcome elderly problems, and this knowledge can be used to increase marketing efficacy. Psychological articles state that around 25% of the American internet users belong to the baby boomer group and thus effective target research and marketing is essential to success. Below are a few useful tips for marketing to baby boomers.

There is a wide age disparity among baby boomers (from 46 to 65 years of age), and this can be a hindrance for online boomer marketers; as the disparity is usually countered through a categorization of boomers using the varying age demographics for specific product marketing. Therefore, we have two groups i.e., older boomers who were born between 1946 and 1954 with typical age related elderly problems; and younger boomers born between 1955 and 1964. Psychological articles and research has determined that baby boomers of both age groups use the internet not only as a source of connection and entertainment, but also as a tool to gain knowledge and seek solutions to the elderly problems they are currently or feel they will shortly be facing. Thus marketing to baby boomers requires a comprehensive understanding of the boomers online behavior and needs.

Psychological articles have informed us that 74 % of baby boomers purchase internet items approximately once a month. Young boomers are more active in online purchasing than are older boomers, with the older boomer market more specifically seeking solutions to elderly problems. It bears repeating that baby boomers have enormous buying potential and psychological articles have cited studies stating that 61% of baby boomers do not adhere to brand loyalty. This attitude provides more opportunities to the present day marketplace as strategic marketing of brands can help obtain greater benefits from targeted boomers.

The first step in establishing a good baby boomer marketing approach is to establish trust. There are a remarkable number of baby boomer consumers who demand a reputable, trust worthy brand, and smart marketers will ensure that their product or service is backed by research or testimonials that stand up to the marketing claims. Word of mouth is important marketing device, as boomer prefer competing brands and in particular, younger boomers like to purchase items that will make them feel “forever young” in the hopes of prolonging the ravages of age and elderly problems.

If your product targets online consumers fighting elderly problems then make your website attractive and appealing. An inviting presentation with large attractive photos, details of product qualities and impressive design is likely to attract both older and younger baby boomers. Also, prominently displaying privacy policy, terms and conditions and all relevant information will help allay the boomers distrust from purchasing on the internet. And one thing is certain. Boomers like to talk to each other. Therefore if some baby boomers are touting a particular product or brand, i.e., the best cream to eradicate the elderly problem of wrinkles, other boomers will definitely search for its details on the internet. The utilitarian attitude of the baby boomers encourage them to use the internet as a resource to accomplish tasks and improve their lives therefore the effective marketer will provide the baby boomers with concise yet useful information.

Boomer Yearbook is Informational Psychological Articles for Baby Boomers. Connect with old and new friends, or expand your mind and ward off senior moments and elderly problems with dream analysis and online optical illusions and brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join other Baby Boomers to stay informed, receive weekly Newsfeeds, and let your opinions be heard. Baby boomers changed the world. We’re not done yet!


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