Karen Turner PHD | Online Optical Illusion Due to Retinal Rivalry
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Online Optical Illusion Due to Retinal Rivalry

Online Optical Illusion Due to Retinal Rivalry

Psychological Article Explaining Online Optical Illusions

By Boomeryearbook.com

The human eyes are very complex in both their structure and function. This complexity often leads to the creation of optical illusions, including online optical illusions. The retinas of the two eyes act as two independent monocular fields. These fields try to gain supremacy over each other. There are numerous online optical illusions based on this rivalry between an individual’s two eyes.

Online optical illusions formed based on this rivalry are more apparent when there are two or more objects of different colors in the visual field. The focus of the eyes keeps fluctuating from one color to another due to the rivalry of the retinas. As a result of this fluctuation, the brain perceives a kind of movement from one color to another and sees static elements of different colors in motion. Many online optical illusions incorporate this feature to stun the human eye; such as the above online optical illusion example.

What do you notice in this online optical illusion? At first glance, you will see that the circles made of white, blue, and red colors appear to revolve. Now, take a closer look at each element independently. They are actually static elements. The movement of the circle in this online optical illusion is just a visual trick.

The trick to making this online optical illusion appear to be moving lies in the rivalry between the two retinas of the eyes. The focus keeps fluctuating from one color to another due to the rivalry creating a motion from one color to another; thus making the circles appear to revolve. Additionally, the contrast of the yellow and gray backgrounds also aids in producing the revolving effect in this online optical illusion.

It is easy to incorporate this visual feature in numerous online optical illusions. The scope of what you can create is endless. You can use this feature to make the motion of the illusion appear to move center to outward or to make wavy online optical illusions. Now that you know the trick. Enjoy!

This Psychological Article on Online Optical Illusions is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of out of the ordinary suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems and keep our brains young. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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