Karen Turner PHD | Online Optical Illusions and Visual Effects
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Online Optical Illusions and Visual Effects

Online Optical Illusions and Visual Effects

By Boomeryearbook.com

As cited in Boomer Yearbook’s ongoing series of psychological articles explaining online optical illusions visual elements play a very important role in both creating and understanding the mechanisms behind online optical illusion tricks. These visual elements, when placed systematically in relationship to each other, can produce many effective online optical illusions. When the human eye looks at a visual element, it collects the visual data of the surrounding elements as well. The brain, also, interprets the particular visual element in relationship with the surrounding elements. In addition to the surrounding elements, the background also aids in producing very effective online optical illusions.

An example of a common online optical illusion that follows this principle of visual elements is the double-sided checkerboard.

In this online optical illusion, when you look at the lower half, you will see a checkerboard on the ground. On the other hand, you will see a floating checkerboard when you see the upper half; and it becomes an online optical illusion if you look at the full image.

How do you explain this online optical illusion?

• First, let us consider the lower half of this online optical illusion. You notice the seven white dots and the background then you relate it with prior visual data stored in your brain. You perceive this image in relationship with some objects placed on the edge of a plane surface. The background, which looks like some solid material on the ground, also aids in your perception that the checkerboard is on the ground and the white dots are placed on it.

• Second, in the upper half of this online optical illusion, the six black arcs are placed as if they are on the edge of a shelf. Moreover, the sky as background projects the checkerboard as floating in the air.

• When viewed as a whole image, you are unable to understand the number of sides of the checkerboard in this online optical illusion.

You can find a wide range of online optical illusions incorporating this trick. To unravel this kind of online optical illusions, all you have to do is separate each visual element and look at them independently. Do you think that this online optical illusion will have the same effect if the background was the same? We at Boomer Yearbook hope you’ll experiment and let us know.

The Psychological Article on Online Optical Illusions is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of out of the ordinary suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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