Karen Turner PHD | Pass Out: A Board Game for Baby Boomers
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Pass Out: A Board Game for Baby Boomers

Pass Out: A Board Game for Baby Boomers

"Pass Out" Board Game to Alleviate Elderly Problems of Boredom: Warning-Don't Play and Drive

Pass Out

An Article on Alleviating Elderly Problems

by Boomeryearbook.com

Life as a boomer with elderly problems can sometimes become quite dull and boring. To get a break from the of monotony, try spending a fun evening with friends playing board games. However, finding a game that is entertaining for people aged 50 and above can be quite a challenge. While carrying out a research trying to find fun ways for baby boomers with elderly problems to spend their weekends, Boomer Yearbook’s research team found our about “Pass Out”. Warning! Don’t Drink and Drive while playing this game.

Usually four people play “Pass-Out” – an adult-drinking game perfect for baby boomers looking for a little fun; or the number of people can exceed four if you want to include another person in the game. It is somewhat similar to Monopoly only alcohol is taken instead of buying property.

Rules of the game

The way “Pass-Out” alleviates the elderly problem of boredom is by all players beginning on the same square, as in Monopoly, then the red counter person makes the first move and rolls two dice. Then in a clockwise direction he or she moves the count of squares. Whatever is indicated on the square has to be done by the player. Then turn by turn each player will follow the directions on the squares they land on.

Instead of a “Monopoly’s” Go to Jail square the Pass-Out game gives a boot to elderly problems by spicing it up with “Go to the Bar” square. If a person lands here, he must go to the bar instantly and if the person passes the start square a pink elephant card does not have to be picked. But in a case where the person picks a Pass- Out card that directs him to Go to a Bar then he has to pick up a pink elephant card. There are three ways to get out of the bar.

by keeping a Get out of Bar card
by rolling 7 or 11 on the dice
just taking a sip of a watered down drink

Since you are not relieved of drinking while you are in the jail; baby boomers with the elderly problem of alcohol abuse should not play this game as a drink has to be taken whenever somebody lands on the square of your color.

The Start square of “Pass Out” works like the “Go” square of “Monopoly”, the difference is getting a Pink elephant card in place of 200 points.

And All must take three drinks square in Pass Out has replaced the free parking card on “Monopoly”.

The rest of the squares are colors. You take a drink is represented by orange, yellow means that the one who has a yellow counter should take a drink and the same goes for blue, green and yellow squares. However, landing on a white square indicates that the person must follow the instructions on a “Pass Out” card. Pink square directs everyone to have a drink.

Two sets of cards

There are two sets of cards:

Pink elephant cards – contain interesting tongue twisters which everyone takes turns saying.
Pass-Out cards – are tricky like chance cards which can land one into trouble or be favorable.

Other rules for this game are related to lighting up. Lighting up can be declined by a player. On lighting up without a relevant card they have to down five drinks. Again, we need to warn that those with the elderly problems of alcohol abuse should not be playing this game.


Players are free to drink more or less from the whole glass. It is fine in this game for someone with any elderly problem where large amounts of drinking are contraindicated to take just the tiniest sip of the drink and even spit it out if they want, such as in wine tasting. There is never any rule that says to take the whole drink.


The game can go on for two hours. It is a fun-for-all drinking game or as we said can be a wine sipping game, but only for those baby boomers that don’t have elderly problems that prohibit them from drinking, and NO ONE SHOULD EVER DRINK and DRIVE. However, under the right, safe circumstances, playing games like Pass Out with friends is also a fantastic way of beating elderly problems of boredom. It’s kind of like a “strip poker” for adults, definitely spicing up a get together.

The Psychological Article on Pass out: A Board Game for Baby Boomers is part of Boomer Yearbook’s continuing series of out of the ordinary suggestions on how to alleviate elderly problems. We believe knowledge is power. We’d love to hear what you think.

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