Karen Turner PHD | Positive affirmations for boomers to cure chronic sore throat
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Positive affirmations for boomers to cure chronic sore throat

Positive affirmations for boomers to cure chronic sore throat

Positive affirmations for boomers to cure chronic sore throat

Positive affirmations for boomers to cure chronic sore throat

by BoomerYearbook.com

Sometimes our own thinking pattern causes our health problems. A chronic throat infection is one of the many problems that can be packaged due to negative thought patterns. Our bodies and minds communicate in a symbolic language. To understand this language, we need to first become aware of the symbolism of our body parts. Our throat stands for our ability to speak. When we stifle our self expression or creativity, our body reacts with a throat infection. When the inability to express ourselves is combined with anger it can lead to laryngitis. Though not every throat problem is a result of a negative thought pattern, if your sore throat doesn’t get better with medications then it is possible that your own behavior and thinking may be hampering your recovery.

To be able to cure yourself of a chronic throat infection, you would need to change your thinking and let go of your fear of expressing yourself. This fear could be the result of your conditioning; perhaps you have never been encouraged to speak your mind. Low self-esteem or fearing other people’s reaction (you may dislike some people’s argumentative nature and may therefore avoid speaking your mind in front of them) could also be the cause of stifling one’s self expression. Not being able to express your creativity can also affect your throat, for instance if you are stuck in a job that gives you no creative satisfaction or where you feel your ideas are not appreciated, you may feel as if your throat is dry and closing up.

How to cure a chronic throat infection through positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations work by the simple logic that truth is simply a perception of the mind. Your perception depends on your conditioning and beliefs. Whatever we hear repeatedly becomes our belief. For instance if you’ve always been told that you are “ugly”, then no matter how flattering your physical features maybe you’ll start viewing yourself as “ugly”. By the same logic if you keep affirming to yourself that you have the power and self-belief to speak your mind, you will eventually start believing it.

You can either make up your own affirmations or practice the following in front of a mirror:

“I love and appreciate myself”

“It’s safe for me to express my feelings”

“It’s easy for me to speak up for myself”

“It’s safe for me to express my creativity”

“I am free to express my creativity”

“I now speak without fear”

“I am free to share my ideas with people”

“I am willing to change”

“I have the power to change my situation”

“I have the power to transform my life”

You can focus on one affirmation per week and practice your chosen affirmation at least 20-30 times in front of the mirror (per day). Apart from that repeat the affirmation whenever you get time, while doing household chores, driving, watering the plants; basically, whenever you can.

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